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  1. Yea, then it was supposed to be Saturday because of the bank holiday. Now they just aren't doing it.

  2. I think due to the short notice for bank holiday for the funeral, council had a message on their site saying only the general waste would be collected on Saturdays but not recycling. Probably why.

  3. It's hardly an excuse is it? Plenty of other services managed to maintain service.

  4. Nope not at all. Can't expect much from the council, too busy paying their councillors £££££££ to resign than manage simple things they are being paid for!

  5. Have also been interested in finding out. I started with FTSE Developed World ex-U.K. Equity Index Fund - Accumulation and checking last week and today, returns havent changed by much despite the £ crashing. Not sure if it takes time to reflect or that it's somehow not impacted?

  6. Good on you. Make sure you have the skills, if it's too early in your career contracting can have a stalling effect. It all depends on your personality, can you learn on your own (using various free and paid resources) or do you need an employer to do that for you?

  7. 30m, 8 years working professionally, mid senior level (but not enough to go for principal/lead), fairly confident (do have my imposter syndrome) days but I think most importantly I can gel well with a team/management so do feel I am probably ready but guess won't know until I've taken the plunge!

  8. Cool. Maybe go contracting for a while, plan to do it for a few (5?) years with a view to getting a wide variety of experience in different sectors, large organisations and learning new methods, improving what you can offer to a future employer etc.

  9. Some solid advice there. Lots of recruiters coming with remote/Hybrid contract roles these days, still very much employees market so probably as good a time as any to jump in. Thanks again 🙏🏼

  10. Hi all, looking for some advice. Noticed fair bit of moment (looks/feels worse than the video in real life) at the top of the forks (specifically where the arrow is pointing).

  11. No, 3 years old although I've only had it since April this year

  12. I'm currently going through this with Easyjet, also called BS, I am not going to just accept their word.

  13. Sounds like BS to me. You might have to take them to arbitration. CEDR would be your next step

  14. Just out of interest, what's your up/down speed with gig1? I have a competitor in Southampton providing gig fibre connection for £25 (with Amazon voucher works out about £23). Recently gave my 30 days to virgin media and seeing if they can match it.

  15. 815/35 at peak time. I would generally avoid VM if you can get away with it.

  16. Wow that is shocking for a gig connection. Will give Toob a chance in that case. They claim 900/900 on a wired connection. Let's see!

  17. Hi all, looking for some ideas. Got rid of the old broken shed that was on top of some timbers above this. Want to do it properly so thinking about a concrete shed base. The picture is a bit misleading as it is on a slope (doesn't look much in the picture) Thinking a 6x6 or 8x6 base and wondering whether backfilling it with rubble around there already and some MOT can save some costs? Would appreciate some wet finger guess in terms of costs for this (south east) if I get someone else to do it .. Any other cheaper option than concrete base as access is very tricky. 10 odd steps from road to below then about 25 meters walk around the side and another few steps down to garden! Unfortunately no scope of getting it poured either.

  18. Hi all, pretty sure this is a satellite dish used by Sky probably? Can I cut the cables at the bottom of the tube to stop them from dangling around the outside of the house? I don't need satellite dish either so could remove it all and dump it..if it won't cost me to put one later? Not sure if the thing even works..

  19. I got mine done by Anglian at the start of the year. 7 windows in total, two in the living room are sort of double sized with a PVC panel on the bottom half. The were about £1000 more than the local companies once I haggled them down from 10k to just under 6. The local ones didn't have great reviews so decided to pay the extra. The installer was really polite, took one bloke 2 and half days, said he doesn't want to rush as it'll be a shit job.

  20. Maybe their after sales is good which is the only reason i would consider paying just a little more than others but not to the tune of double and some by the sounds of it!

  21. We paid on the region of £6k for French doors, front composite, rear door, and 10 double windows with a local company... Angian also force fed us crap for almost 2 hrs and initially charged overf £20k then "haggled down" to £11k. Avoid avoid avoid! Get 3 quotes from local companies, ideally some of them from word of mouth (ask neighbours)

  22. Yeah, I did make the mistake on telling the salesman how I heard only bad things about Anglian and he went on to tell me these horror stories (not sure if true?) about local firms doing a bad job and not honouring the guarantee or that most of them fold up and starting another business and so on.

  23. Bit of a novice question, need to cut a panel into 2 smaller panels but I can't seem to find these battens anywhere online. They measure 35mmx35mm but closest thing I can find to them is 34mmx34mm square edged spruce timber which looks very indoorish

  24. Those are uprights. I see you're also on the Southampton subreddit. A few options: New forest fencing in Nursling. They sell all the panel parts and more. Check their price list on their website

  25. That's super helpful! I'll try visiting one of them at the weekend. Thanks!

  26. One thing I would check in advance is how you're going to be able to provide the footage to the police. All forces should have an easy way for us (and drivers who see poor driving on their dash cams) to provide footage for them to review so that they can then decide if it's good enough to proceed against the driver for what's happened but that isn't the case everywhere.

  27. Good point, my local police force do have a dedicated site to upload videos for them to analyse thankfully!

  28. I really like the Hero Session 4 as a rear camera (I think the 5 had better stabilisation, but the 4 is good enough for me), I think you can pick them up used for around £50

  29. Thanks, will check it out, currently got 2018 one (1080p max) for around 80 and flashed the hero5 firmware so does 2.7k and other features which was nice :)

  30. That's my thoughts also, only worry was how many I will need and whether the timber from different pallets will match (maybe will be ok after painting?)

  31. Money laundering for sure. Your bank accounts will be shut down and you'll have a CIFA marker placed on your credit file and no banks/lenders will touch you for years. Stay clear!

  32. Checkatrade isn't used by a LOT of small businesses because it costs £££ and honestly doesn't generate much, if any business, as people tend to use it to "check out" a company, like yourself where you have had direct contact already.

  33. Fair point although can't find them anywhere online and no Google reviews either. Perhaps small business just going by word of mouth orrr.. the fact their quote was considerably less might be saying something as someone else with lots of Google/checkatrade came quoting just over double!

  34. Is he local to you? One of the guys that came here lives about 2 miles away so I popped over and had a look at his garden 😆 his conifers looked amazing. He's probably the guy I'll start using when we can't do it ourselves.

  35. Not too local to me, about 5 miles or so away. Unfortunately neighbors don't know anyone either. I might try

  36. Visited Turkey for the first time this year (Goynuk, Kemer). Loved every part of it except for the shopping experience. One thing left me wondering thoguh, prices for these sweets, we were quoted anywhere from 15eur to 30eur per kg which feels very expensive so I'm curious how much do local Turkish people pay for these in lira? Thanks in advance!

  37. Not legal advice and probably last resort if you want some of your money back, you could put them up for sale at the respective clubs subreddit, fan pages on FB etc. I am sure you will get people who will take you up on it whether at face value or at a discounted rate.

  38. Could just be that the water pressure in the area is really low, so that's all you're getting. Definitely leave them closed.

  39. What boiler is it? Mine is a weird one designed to have the filling loops left open. The boiler itself controls the pressure.

  40. Vaillant ecotec pro 28

  41. Forgive my ignorance and it's just an observation but is the fact practices aren't accepting new NHS patients because they have hit their target/thresholds of patients that can have NHS treatments and accepting anymore means less profit for the practice as they lose out on private work?

  42. This is actually a great question d1dek and is something I can only speak of from my quite inexperienced viewpoint so take it with a grain of salt please.

  43. Probably one of the few times being proactive has bit me on the backside! Fixed tariff with British gas came to end, to save about £50 or so, moved to igloo and within a couple of months to green energy on a fixed deal but obviously doesn't matter as they went bust. Has I just been lazy and fixed with British gas, would have saved a good few hundred! Had my email from Shell energy the other day and increases are shocking!

  44. That could result in a security issue which they'll pay you if you report how to abuse it! Try googling for Unicode security issues, specifically XSS seems like a viability.

  45. !thanks will look into it!

  46. Also not sure you are aware but you can't just "break" a 12 months contract and move to another provider. You'll be responsible for paying the monies owed for the remaining months. If you don't care and only want the best then of course not an issue.

  47. Antonio penalty saved only for Bowen tap in please 😂🤞

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