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  1. What a coincidence, 8 years ago i also spent some money on a game being developed by one dude. And its also the most well spent money on a game i ever did.

  2. Name In Game option, cuz I'm a sucker for perks

  3. Ahh right, yeah i didn't bother with that. Now i do wonder how many times i've killed your character over the years.

  4. You know what? Same... haha

  5. Great! So let’s just simplify things and make it a law that they have to! Easy!

  6. Lol, you don't get it... it's already a law. If I sell a gun to a prohibited person, knowingly or not, it's a felony. How do I know if someone is prohibited or not? I run a background check at my local gun shop.

  7. Not sure what’s not to get! There’s no federal law that requires private sellers to perform a background check, seems pretty simple!

  8. And what would this extra layer of regulation accomplish that existing laws don't? What's your point with all this?

  9. It should be a crime how under appreciated these are, I have 2 CZs and they're both amazing.

  10. Looks good. How well did it impart flavor versus a traditional stick smoker? Any smoke tube? Pellet brand/flavor?

  11. It was definitely less smoke flavor, but overall better quality cook and a million times easier.

  12. I've had my Silverbac for about a month and I love it.

  13. How is it to clean…especially the SS?

  14. So far it's pretty easy, I put foil on the grease tray and change it out when I shop vac the ash out, probably every fifth cook or so. Takes all of 5 minutes

  15. He got the food but had to make room. Can't go over break time

  16. Out with the old, in with the new.

  17. I've had my silverbac for a little over a week so far, no issues with the wifi yet.

  18. Alright future people, who might stumble on this in some Google search, this post is 19 hours old and it didn't go any where. I appreciate those that tried to help, but it wasn't what I was looking for. So I guess it's up to me to contribute to the obesity epidemic.

  19. Just be careful with the brining if you're doing it cubed, unless the recipe takes that into account. The cubed meat will take way less time to brine than 1 big piece of pork belly. My suggestion is to look up homemade smoked bacon recipes because they use pork belly, and the fair stuff just looks like thick cut bacon on a stick. Brine pork belly, smoke it, slice it, skewer it, and grill and I think you'll be happy!

  20. Oh perfect thank you. That's exactly the kind of advice I was looking for. The belly I have is the costco pack that comes sliced into super thick "bars", so I'm kind of forced to cube it this time.

  21. Cowards - only willing to play ball if in large numbers and decked to the gills.

  22. Not even then, even with superior weapons and numbers, they didn't step up when children were being slaughtered.

  23. Fun fact: the holes only natural enemy is the pile

  24. What ammo are you using? I have the same pistol and it can’t go 80 rounds without a failure to eject when not cleaned often.

  25. Mostly CCI and Aguila. It still runs great, bummer yours is being temperamental.

  26. Probably just going to let it go until it fails lol

  27. If you're in the US, they have a guy in California that does repairs for them. So that makes it a bit easier. It's likely going to need a new pin, if not a whole new hilt-side pixel adapter installed.

  28. That's good to know, thanks for the info.

  29. You could attempt that or use tweezers, but don't pull too hard as you could pull the pin out entirely. They're tiny and fragile. Plastic tweezers like the ones you find in basic first aid kits would be good.

  30. I'll see what I got, thanks for the suggestions

  31. We need a gun liability insurance mandate. Accept some responsibility with your freedom.

  32. Mandating monetary restrictions on anything disproportionately effects minorities.

  33. The brine is a side effect of getting the fresh water

  34. I dont know, I am starting to question the authenticity of these "russian captured" videos. Im not saying there are no real ones, but in cases like these, maybe Ukrainians pose as russian captives to boost morale of their people?! Idk, let the downvotrs begin...

  35. That wouldn't make sense though. In a war, the last thing I would do is humanize the enemy. Humans don't generally want to kill other humans.

  36. Am not a physics prof. Just a guy with a good understanding of nukes. (Which is scary enough. Lol)

  37. More reading on space nukes.

  38. How much a difference in recoil do you see between the 22 and the 23?

  39. I've had both, can't say I've really noticed much of a difference between them. If you prefer the 23 because it suits you and your needs better than a 22, get the 23.

  40. Years ago, sold my late father's Gen 2 G22 cuz I needed the money. Still stings...

  41. Remember, stalagmites MIGHT hang from the ceiling.

  42. Stalagmites MIGHT reach the ceiling some day. Stalactites have to hold on TIGHT or they'll fall.

  43. I’m going to be trying a spatchcock duck next weekend. Smoker comes in on Wednesday.

  44. Use a sturdy set of scissors, I broke a set lol

  45. 225 for like 4 hours over apple wood... big fan of using a water tray to keep things moist

  46. I originally got a ship date of 6-25 but they shipped it almost a month early. It's on a fedex truck right now but I should still end up with it a full 3 weeks early.

  47. Also got mine a month earlier than estimated

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