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  1. Both of my Senators are GOP cucks. They go by the names Rick Scott and Marco Rubio. I wish FL didn't suck so hard.

  2. Have you thought about phone banking, canvassing, joining your local democratic party?

  3. Thanks for bringing some actual proof to this discussion. Has everyone forgot how many women and POC are in the military? Or how many soldiers are there for socialist support like free housing, free college, free healthcare? Sure good ol Kentucky boys will be ready for the boogaloo but others won't, most generals won't.

  4. “But the official did not say how those incidents were discovered or when.”

  5. They likely had some analysts find the balloons in old data and satellite photos after they noticed some of the ones over other countries, or another country told them about one they found and the spy agencies decided to do a look back. There is way more data than eyes looking at it. If it's not a military threat it's totally possible it wouldn't be found but could be on second inspection.

  6. As a brand new dad, I'm guessing you just want a happy and healthy baby. You don't need her judgments, even if she's not being purposefully judgemental. Focus on bringing positive energy, it will serve you well. You don't owe her anything at this point, it's okay to be a bit selfish with your relationships in support of your new family. NTA.

  7. Sounds like the internal TV volume is high. Switch to TV speakers manually using the quick settings bar, then turn the volume down, then switch back to your sound bar.

  8. Someone Who Isn't Me told me it requires a Usenet account, and installing SABnzbd, Radarr, Sonarr, and Plex which "just works" on most streaming sticks (Amazon, Roku, etc).

  9. Meh, seems easier just to pay for what I'm using. But if theft is so important to you, I guess following a bunch of steps to get something half working is possible.

  10. Sonarr, Radarr, and Plex is flawless. Start a download from my mobile browser and by the time I'm home it's ready. No figuring out what service it's on and if I'm subscribed. It just works.

  11. Okay so now you need a PC on at all times, storage for the shows, you need to poke a hole through your router for the mobile setup, and I sincerely doubt you're getting HDR. And there's likely some transcoding happening too. Easy peasy. As long as you remember to download of course.

  12. Electric heating is cheaper than gas if you use heat pumps. Gas heating is not a long term strategy. Yes, the cost to switch is a problem, but if a gas furnace needs to be replaced it makes sense almost 100% of the time to switch over to a heat pump at this point. I switched, and my heating bill is the same this year whereas my neighbors all have bills that are 50% higher or even double.

  13. You joke, but they probably aren’t designed for cooking.

  14. I'm worried if we don't speak up now, enough of these people will mount their TVs too high that it will become the default placement and we'll become weird and ostracized for having our TVs at an ergonomic height. All it takes is one generation and the whole paradigm can change.

  15. I've read catcher in the rye. I'm convinced that it's only banned because it's shit.

  16. Well, don't tell Bob anything in the future, he sucks and is a narc.

  17. I’m typically leaned back when watching in a recliner, so it’s not like my neck is cranked up to watch or anything. If it wasn’t comfortable, I’d change it up. Thanks for your input though….

  18. I hope all your guests also have a recliner, and no one minds the TV being closer to the ceiling than the floor.

  19. Haven’t had a complaint in over 5 years. I appreciate your concern, though. Time to move on.

  20. It's your neck, you do you. Some people store things in their oven. It's okay to have your TV set up wrong.

  21. This is what happened to the last one that was on the stand though

  22. Blame the stand, that thing's too low for any TV on top.

  23. Calling it green in this case means shifting the emissions else where

  24. Electrification is a huge part of a zero carbon future. You can make electricity without carbon. Even if this doesn't start 100% green, it can be 100% green. Steel processes with direct fuel needs will never be 100% green. Same idea behind EVs and heat pumps. You have to start somewhere, and this just creates a demand for clean energy when before it was a demand for more fossil fuels.

  25. We all thought George Lucas was bad at coming up with an origin story for the Empire, but seeing the way Republicans are rejecting democracy one hyperbolic emergency at a time, he was spot on.

  26. As Floridaman, the fact that heating isn't just your AC running in reverse is wild to me...

  27. That's actually the future of heating for everyone. In the last 5-10 years they've improved heat pumps (AC in reverse) to work down to -15 °F. But for southern areas where temps are pretty high in the winter, it's the usual course to have a heat pump with electric resistive heating as backup.

  28. I think Steam Deck has cured me of my itch for better and better PC hardware. I’ve been forced to make compromises like playing RDR2 at 30fps and you know what? I’m having just as much fun as on my old 3090 rig that I sold. Don’t get me wrong, 4k high refresh is glorious but since I’m not rich it’s just not worth the cost to play the few AAA games I’m interested in at 4k ultra.

  29. 30 fps just isn't as big of a deal on a smaller screen, and the IPS ghosting hides it a bit. Plus, going to 40 fps is a great option too and fits in nicely with the core disadvantage of the deck compared to 9th gen consoles.

  30. Not to mention that the windows drivers don’t work with a lot of games, just so happens that those games also don’t run on steamos (mostly Ubisoft stuff). It’s the only reason I don’t use it more

  31. I've never tried Windows on the Deck yet but I do have to say it's been disappointing that the Deck hasn't received timely driver updates. It has the same architecture as the modern 6000 and 7000 series APUs. They should just work. Windows on a handheld is problematic, and I haven't run into enough compatibility issues to overlook that fact.

  32. Thank you for your reply, I will be careful with the counters 😱. He's not actually a merticulous person or something like that. He's actually really messy. Never fold his clothes or wash his own dishes unless I tell him too. He likes to through things all over the place and I have to clean them up. I just don't know why he doesn't have the same standard for himself but only me.

  33. YTA, a considerate asshole, but I think you're missing the part where it's not your job or responsibility to keep your student on the straight and narrow for Islam. She can handle her hair falling out however she wants. You stopped your class and your coworker's class to essentially enforce Muslim customs on a student. Maybe that's what she and her parents want, but it's not your job and your reluctance to fix it yourself shows that you're prejudging situations and becoming less of an educator to this student in the name of your naive understanding of her religious tenets. Muslims can't have their cake and eat it too. If she is in a public school, it is not a reasonable religious accommodation to have you passing her off to women you work with because you think it's best. If anything, you're removing an important secular relationship and environment that could help her grow to understand how to keep her faith by herself.

  34. Do you have it on the cart or did you hack your DSi? I bought mine for $50, got a 32 GB SD card for $6, and now I can play pretty much the best portable game collection ever made.

  35. Same here hack dsi with enough bangers on it to keep my going for a while when i dont feel like getting on the tv or pc

  36. I also have some music loaded on the SD card, the UI for selecting music is crappy but the sound quality is decent. I recently played through phantom hourglass and it's the perfect travel gaming system when you don't want to risk a switch or something nicer.

  37. I want to know what kind of person could write about denying his wife therapy multiple times over the course of years and not realize by themself that they are the asshole. YTA, no doubt about it.

  38. Maybe you should trade your trophy truck in for something that gets more than 15 mpg. Or an EV. There, instant fuel savings.

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