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  1. Isn’t this the side on the train tracks? Not sure what everyone freaks out about it.

  2. When you're travelling from Liverpool to Manchester by train, that'll be your first view of the grounds won't it?

  3. Look up "geometric progressions" It's likely in your case you'll be rounding them to the nearest tenth.

  4. So if all that matters is the starting point and the endpoint, you'll have 156 places to start and 155 places to end (since we're assuming a train doesn't start and stop at the same station), giving you 156 * 155 combinations or 24,180 routes.

  5. If scientists invented a brand new pill that would let us be fully alert constantly and never have to sleep, we would immediately see 16-hour work days.

  6. The damn league cup will always trip us up.

  7. Pearl clutching intensifies when they make it sound like someone who spent the last 30 weeks pregnant all of a sudden decides they don't want the baby anymore.

  8. I had someone tell me straight that there are huge swathes of women who go out and get pregnant only to have an abortion last minute so that their boobs will grow. It's maddening.

  9. Ok but like nobody forced you to read the email, read the texts and stuff. You can just ignore it until you get back from the holidays.

  10. Exactly. It's a different story if they're ringing you on your personal phone but an email during my time off? See you after the weekend!

  11. I’m sure neither did the person who originally asked the question. I feel bad for them to have received such an abomination of an explanation for OOP.

  12. "It moves" is a perfectly fine answer if you're calling it via the IMovable interface

  13. Idk. A coworker I'm with is adamant that we don't use functions or classes because calling functions are too expensive. Therefore it's OK for him to make a 750-line function with 28 parameters.

  14. In total agreement. Everyone who posts this stuff already knows it’s illegal and is just karma farming

  15. "My boss has just fired me for discussing wages with my co-workers. Is this a bad thing? I'm 19/F by the way"

  16. Yeah we could've had him the same way you fold a crappy hand in poker and it gets to the end and you would've won a massive pot with a four of a kind. Yeah it sucks but nothing to cry over.

  17. When your high level abstractions are dependant on low level implementation

  18. Sometimes I feel like we need a time cut-off for how recently a post can be posted. Are we still qualifying old trump tweets as if we didn't know?

  19. "People don't typically like commuting but if they thought it was good then they'd like it more" vibes going on

  20. Can we sign YET ANOTHER fucking centre back, please? Because we haven’t got a fucking one who can actually defend at present.

  21. We have plenty, they're all just injured

  22. Not slur as in an offensive word. Slur as in to slur your speech like faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang

  23. I hope you like those multicoloured 4-packs that are a millimetre thin and cost a couple of quid from Poundstretcher

  24. Yeah. It'll make the knives duller faster!

  25. You know it’s bad when people make angry birds kit designs instead of your shit company…and it kinda looks better

  26. Mate I've been doing it for a long while lmao. I've just detest gambling / betting stuff in sports as an ex-gambler myself.

  27. Isn't that some third world country, supposed to be a "democracy". Why should a football Club go there, way to dangerous with all those guns

  28. No no, you got it all wrong. Once they work out deep fake completely every single person will have a way out by claiming anything they say is a deep fake if needed. Everyone will have the right to deny everything.

  29. Or the opposite reason. You can prove you weren't at the crime scene because you have clear, undeniable video proof you were somewhere else, eyewitnesses be damned.

  30. if (val != 1 || val !=2 || val !=4 || !(val > 7 && val < 10) || val != 10) foo(val)

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