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  1. I really like stability and familiarity with my journals since I want them to feel like safe spaces for me, so I stick to the same brand. But, I decorate each with different stickers. I also like to doodle on the pages and select different color palettes for each journal.

  2. Only child, so simultaneously the oldest and youngest I guess? Haha

  3. She is most likely releasing the lead single for OR2 on June 30th. The date is confirmed (teased on her social media, her team’s social media, and on Spotify per the photo above). No song title yet.

  4. I am very fascinated by everyone’s different rankings honestly lol

  5. And also…… Hayley/Taylor if you are seeing this, please have Paramore as a special guest in Seattle on 7/23 🥲

  6. Major TWs in that article and the podcast episode they cite for anyone who has ever had an eating disorder or been SA’d.

  7. Also commenting to boost. This comment should be higher.

  8. So underrated!! It was one of my favorites in 2014. Wish people talked about it more

  9. Yep unfortunately. I had a “friend” who actually did start out as a friend, then over time became more and more hostile towards me, and I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until she and her mother told me to go see a “doctor” (ie therapist) after they caused me to have what I think was a meltdown one day. It made me realize how un-okay a lot of the things she had done to me were. Eventually, I left her in high school and she spent the entire 4 years badmouthing me and calling me the b-word and other nasty names both to my face and behind my back to her group of friends. So…I’m going to answer OP’s question in the title with a “yes”, lol.

  10. Is that Ethan Slater behind Ariana??? Boq is gonna have red hair?!!!!

  11. Omg I think you’re right it definitely looks like him!!

  12. YESSSSSSS oh my god the broadway gods have smiled down on me today

  13. Mine were 1989 Sun, Red Moon, and Evermore Rising. I don’t agree with the 1989 one at all though lol

  14. Wow! I didn't know lps had a digital pet like this! I don't see any buttons though, was it more for looks or is there a separate way to do things?

  15. You use the ears to scroll the pet left and right. There’s also an small button on the animal body’s forehead (source: I had one of those as a kid)

  16. Saw The Little Mermaid yesterday in 4DX and it was pretty good!! Halle was great. My main prevailing thought is that I wish the live action remakes would include some songs from their Broadway counterparts. “Her Voice” is one of my favorites. Also while I’m on this topic, “If I Can’t Love Her” from Beauty & the Beast is also a great song and deserved to be in the movie 💔

  17. Wait nvm I do have one more prevailing thought: I feel bad for all the parents who are going to be listening to Scuttlebutt on repeat for weeks lol. Lin……my guy…………..

  18. I went to Everett cc and didn’t have any problems. Ive heard good things about shoreline cc and bellevue college as well

  19. Commenting to include Edmonds College in this list as well

  20. Cool! I pick 42—the answer to life, the universe, and everything :)

  21. Did not expect to find a Hitchhiker’s Guide reference in this sub but I am not complaining!

  22. Specific to Philly N1: but she didn’t really talk to the crowd much compared to other shows/ other tours !

  23. I’ve noticed a sort of trend both with this tour and rep tour where at the earlier shows, she seems to be more focused on following her general script, but as time goes by she interacts a lot more. It’s why I’m so glad my city (Seattle) is so late in the schedule this time around compared to rep tour, where we were one of the first shows

  24. me too! I’m also seattle and I was worried at first because like, at that point there’s not much to set us apart, but as time goes on it seems she’s making every show a little different

  25. I’ve been hanging onto a small thread of hope that she invites Paramore to sing with her at the night 2 show, since they have a concert in Seattle on July 24th and a free day on the 23rd. I reallyyyyy want to see Taylor and Hayley perform together 😭💛

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