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  1. Didn’t except to see Vicky Krieps mentioned in this sub! Phantom Thread is one of my favorite movies, she was fantastic in it. The whole cast was, really. Highly recommend

  2. Not diagnosed yet but I do and thought it was normal my whole life until I learned the name for it and realized it’s more common for us. To me it looks like a thin translucent layer of TV static is on top of everything 😅

  3. Well I think I’ve developed pyrophobia after yesterday morning. Been stressed even though my home and family are okay but like, damn I really hate fire now 😭

  4. The songs on liv and Maddie weren’t that good to be honest a reinvention was needed

  5. Idk what you mean, Froyo Yolo was a masterpiece and true work of art. I can’t same a single song that’s better 🍦

  6. The only song I enjoyed from her during her Disney days was if only that song kinda fits the music she makes now

  7. I actually like(d) that one as well haha. I think it’s the melodies in it for me

  8. Welp I got a bucketload of trauma-based fear today lmao.

  9. My neighbor set their house on fire about an hour ago shortly after I woke up

  10. I have the medium Billie Giraffe on my holiday wishlist! They look so soft and I loved giraffes as a kid. I’ve read some reviews of them and they seem to be just slightly larger than other mediums, such as the bashfuls. I unfortunately don’t have a photo to compare them but there’s a couple photos of Billie Giraffe out there on the web.

  11. I just purchased Billie for myself yesterday, and can confirm that he is quite soft😊

  12. I am so excited for them! :) 🦒 this makes me so happy, thank you for letting me know

  13. I have the exact same question 😭 it’s such a good song. I’ve seen some people say they don’t like Gary’s voice and that’s something I can understand, I have my own singers whose voices I dislike, but for the songwriting itself I don’t understand the hate

  14. He’s my birthday twin! I love him but don’t have him in ACNH yet. Hoping to get his amiibo for the holidays. 🐺💛

  15. Love Story for me. Little me heard it on the radio often and she automatically became my fave :)

  16. I know right, I'm so shocked that more people weren't outraged about that. That felt like some form of sexual harassment.

  17. It was and it is. I believe Taylor herself has referred to it as “revenge porn”. Disgusting

  18. Maybe I got mine, but you’ll all get yours :) 🥂

  19. Ugh I was at the 10/26 show too :( they really need someone other than her tour manager with an iPhone to take the photo. Sad now

  20. Do you know Fabrizio Salerno? The Kanye fan turned Swiftie YouTube reactor? He announced on Twitter that he officially cut ties with Kanye West.

  21. Love Fabrizio, been watching his videos for a while! Watching his journey starting with his first reaction to rep up until today has been a ride

  22. Yes, he does reaction videos to albums and music videos

  23. Can’t wait until I never have to hear about k*nye ever again jfc this man is so annoying

  24. I’ve been wanting to buy the pins with the album title banners from a while now, I’ve seen them on instagram a couple times! I wonder if the creator has made a Midnights one yet? Thanks for sharing OP, love your collection :)

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