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  1. Passports are "valid" only to the countries that recognizes them. SInce no other country recognizes Sealand as a country, you couldn't legally cross boarders with it. Perhaps, by accident, some illiterate border agent at a third world customs would let you through but you would be on shaky ground your entire visit.

  2. There are other micronations which do recognise Sealand as a country.

  3. Well Diana was only ever the Princess of Wales by right of her marriage. Which is why after the divorce her title was modified like a widow's title is after the death of her husband. In this case it was modified to add her first name. She became "Diana Princess of Wales" instead of "The Princess of Wales".

  4. True. But that still does not answer the question. Legally, was she still the Princess of Wales after the divorce?

  5. She was only ever "The Princess of Wales" by right of her marriage so after the divorce she was still styled as a Princess of Wales which is why she used the modified style of "Diana Princess of Wales". Notice the droping of the word "The" as only the actual title holder and his wife are styled as "The...".

  6. If that is so, then it raises the question that what would have happened when Charles would have married Camilla with Diana using Princess of Wales in her title but legally not being one on one hand and on the other hand Camilla legally being one.

  7. First of all, we must see the laws of Sealand. Do they give the nationality to the people born in Sealand (ius soli)? Or to sons of Sealanders (ius sanguini)? Then, the International Community is reluctant about recognising Sealand, so many countries wouldn't count as valid a Sealand passport. As a result, they'd consider the kid born in international waters. Being born in IIWW means that you get the nationality of the boat, or the one of your mother, or the one of your father. Taking into account that there's no boat, the laws of the country of the mother would decide to give the kid their nationality or not. If they have ius soli, they wouldn't give it, so the nationality of the father will be sought. If the same thing happened, then the kid could be in danger of being apatrid, so they'd need to look for another solution.

  8. Also, one should keep in mind that in 1987, the UK extended its territorial waters from 3 to 12 nautical miles (6 to 22 km) which places Rough Towers in British territorial waters. Although Sealand has claimed to have done something similar 12 days prior (if I remember correctly). So...

  9. Isn't she already the first in the line of succession after her father? If I remember correctly, Farah Pahlavi said in an interview that she was. Unfortunately no basis for her claim was given nor did I find any. So...?

  10. Ok. So it's more like a proposed concept. Do tell what is the historical influence/inspiration behind it?

  11. Are you asking this question because of the new Bollywood movie that's coming out in September.

  12. Pakistani Punjab and Indian Punjab are two very different places with very different people

  13. What I've realised is, the original post was asking for solutions for uniting lost Punjabis and yet apparently no one has really given one. Most of the comments discuss the causes of them being lost but no one has discussed, if not recommended, how to bring them back yet everybody wants them back. Plus the last comments were 3 months back.

  14. Old English descendants are still kicking as the third most spoken and first most known languages and it had a lot of sibling languages. Hebrew is probably a little better as a model as it had no direct descendants and only "cousin" languages like arabic floating around.

  15. You kould if you wanted to, make a 1 word word for "right hand." But what would there be to gain out of it? Right Hand is already good Anglish. Like, I am not against it, but I still have to ask.

  16. Well. For one, using a 1 worded word instead of a 2 worded word results in there being more free space.

  17. Ok. As someone mentioned, it's not a nasal sound. So in spelling Punjab/Panjab, to find out whether it's a that should come between p and n or whether it's u that should come between p and n, I think it's important to determine which sound is it exactly. Only then would it be possible to determine whether it's a or u or another letter.

  18. Punjabi Podcast by Sangtar is worth a try. It even has an episode with Gill Raunta (I think it's Gill Raunta part 2) that is entirely dedicated to his trip to west Punjab.

  19. Yes. I saw the episode with Gill Raunta. I don't think there's a part 2. At least I didn't find any.

  20. I'm including just the native Egyptian pharaohs. Although it would be interesting if the Ptolemies are also included. I wonder what it'll lead to.

  21. There was a monarchy in Egypt after the pharaohs, namely the Kavalalı Mehmed Ali Dynasty. Its founder became Wali in 1805, followed by his sons and grandsons, when the title changed to Khedive and then to Sultan. Fuad I then changed it to king in 1922 and his descendants are still alive today, with Muhammad Ali (b. 1979), Prince of the Sa’id, being the Heir Apparent/Pretender.

  22. As far as I know, Liberland has always been a republic since it's creation, it always had a President as the Head of State so...

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