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  1. Just awesome when he said it's heropantin time i coomed in my pants

  2. Wish it became a permanent thing like how Americans put their flags in their houses

  3. Patriotism is the illogical belief that your piece of dirt is superior to others piece of dirt just because you were born in it.

  4. For me it has to him being the talk of the town a lot both in and off the field plus he popularised leg spin again

  5. Bruh if the local govt ain't gonna do shit then let the people kill these shits

  6. What a doofy looking dude hope he has no prejudiced views

  7. That's one magnificent cobra (snake enthusiast) really interesting to see how it hooded up to warn the kid before it decided to attack

  8. Just like famous actor Kirk Lazarus said " never go full retard man!!"

  9. Another unpopular opinion: inside edge wickets are not exactly

  10. The only map i know tells Dora where to explora

  11. From what I see normally in this sub he got it easy this time

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