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Afroman house raid video

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  1. Most of those metrics are based on old language and concepts that do not represent the totality of the Trans population.

  2. Yep. And the even funnier thing was that they thought it was some "woke liberal indoctrination" idea that was created specifically for the movie.

  3. a rainbow is purest light and they prefer darkness

  4. That kid should really be fighting the person who gave him that haircut. Toadstool head ass 😂😂

  5. I know, but if I say anything like that, the mods will ban me.

  6. The mods would readily ban all of our nazi-killing grandfathers.

  7. He left them in his suit coat

  8. only, it doesn’t make a bit of difference guys. the bills are inert.

  9. the police department is suing afroman for use of their faces in his music video

  10. beinga public officer makes you a public figure

  11. Imagine if that was three guys and a female employee and mannequin.

  12. I visited a Hoagie Xpress in the area around the southwestmost point on that plot map, there. The guys making my order flinched at first when I said I wanted extra balsamic onions, but they finally acquiesced and make my 18” meatball texas ranch mega-gie, and 56oz raspberry Fanta with a small bag of Sweet Heat.

  13. Isn’t this the location where Howard Moon got bummed by that old lady while he was pretending to be a gigolo in order to pay off the cockney peppermint geezer who had pissed on him?

  14. I have bad news: regular civilians pay for those too.

  15. oh nooo don’t hurt the poor innocent money

  16. they are hurting the government not the body politic.

  17. I know I haven’t been to college in a long, long time, but since when do ride shares serve you drinks? Is that a thing now? Even outside the drugging, that seems like it’s breaking more than a few laws and just an all around recipe for disaster.

  18. i dont mean to render anyone nor you more paranoid, but consider how easy it must be to snake a syringe through the lining of a plastic bottle of water with a couple of drops of sedative.

  19. You say ACAB now, but what are you gonna do if god-forbid there is a school shooter at your kids school and there are no cops to come stand outside the door and keep their parents from trying to save them while the shooter murders our kids?

  20. OP please use the word smother in a sentence.

  21. This is it. Provide a 'modest' salary, while housing and basically any living costs is subsidized by the church.

  22. No, fraudsters. Socialism is a system of government that is inferior to capitalism, however, this isn’t socialism. This is just deception, the church doesn’t need 10 percent “for god”.

  23. Honestly, I thought he was gay. Well kept, knows how to dress, successful and not married at his age 🤷‍♂️

  24. No way people are paying this, right?? You’d have to be making well into 6 figures to reasonably afford this, and if you’re making that much you can afford a much larger house for much less money, even with these crazy prices and rates.

  25. the heap of dirt it is built upon hasn't made money in four decades.

  26. $3250 to basically be 5 feet away from a busy highway. Developer must be on crack

  27. literally any moment could have an suv plowing through the facing wall by your front door.

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