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Dressing in late 14th century armour

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  1. Don't worry about your research interest changing with your experiences :)

  2. You will die rich and happy. Get there well. God bless

  3. Yep, for every 100 kilowatt-hours a battery discharges, it loses 4 nanograms micrograms.

  4. tvtb says:

    Ah I got 4x10-9 but forgot that was kg not grams.

  5. Yeah haha! 4x10-9 x103 g. It's funny that the base unit of metric mass is the kg. This is why I use wolfram

  6. Purely depends on your field of interest and the research interests of your potential supervisor

  7. flordiques jersey is legendary and so fitting because of all the snowbirds! :D

  8. Well considering someone is literally just taking a photo instead of helping... wtf is wrong with people.

  9. They could be behind glass in a basement under the pool deck, or a remote camera.

  10. I'm sorry for your loss. ❤️ I second the suggestion of having your cat put down at home. I work in the industry, most cats are stressed out from the trip to the vet.

  11. Gotta admit they really load the plate when you've worked a 12h day

  12. Do you have diagnosed add, or do you want add meds?

  13. Was it an accident, or did they drop her on purpose?

  14. My cat's name is literally "ridden with fleas" in my native language. I can't do anything that's the only thing he responds to. My vet refused to write it in his passport so I had to find another one because like it or not that's his name lol He chosen it himself.

  15. The English equivalent name to that would be "Fleabag", what's the word in your language? :)

  16. With Josi getting more points, yeah. They chose correctly though. First of many for our baby faced assassin.

  17. Makes you feel good AND causes constipation!

  18. I work at a pharmacy and you're not alone- incredibly few people know this exists. It's not advertised at all. The application is super simple (fax in a one-page form) and there's no harm in applying, so everyone in need should at least be applying to be on it.

  19. Epocrates can help with this. The free version includes interaction checking

  20. Yeah, but many drugs interact. A pharmacist will be able to tell you which interactions are important and what to watch out for.

  21. I have a master's in mechanical engineering and calc 1/2 were not useful- where are you going to be using integration by parts?

  22. Crack is more than the sum of it's parts. Baking it creates a crystallization process, so crack is actually a crystal. Based on everything I can find, it looks like they would not dissolve in water. This matter has been discussed before here (

  23. 'This is that' is a satirical show on CBC

  24. I used jalapenos from my plant and chipotles I smoked from last year's jalepeno plant. I did boil them first, so I hope there's no botulism.

  25. Gavin Webber's recipe? It gets great with age! Enjoying mine very much now 1.5 years old.

  26. CDC’s recommendations to NOT feed your dog raw diets.

  27. Before I had an interest in veterinary medicine... For years, we fed my childhood dog kibble in the morning, and offal from the butcher in the evening, and thankfully she was never sick from it.

  28. 100%! I guess technically it wouldn’t be raw lol but, there’s still the problem that nutritionists haven’t reviewed these formulas. They are more than likely nutritionally inadequate altogether.

  29. Thanks for the info Doc! 😊 I like the look of the just food for dogs stuff (to recommend to kibble haters)

  30. Did you dye your eyebrows? Dedication!

  31. I didn't take 141, but generally (and these are heavily class/prof dependent):

  32. For some reason, I originally thought this post was about the new Until Dawn-like (The Quarry?). Was quite confused

  33. Same!! You look damn hot in that shirt.. but I bet you're even hotter out of it.

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