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  1. There’s a lot of replies here so this might get lost, but I have different sensitivity levels on either side of my body. I don’t like people walking on my left. When we go for walks I make my husband walk on my right. It feels wrong if he’s on my left. That’s my more sensitive side. It’s like I want that side open to sense any potential “danger” or changes around me and having a person there blocks it and also causes some overstimulation just by their constant presence. It’s strange.

  2. I think what a lot of evaluators miss is that especially for women, social things can become a special interest. I LOVE people. I find them endlessly fascinating and love their stories. I almost collect them (not physically, just internally). While I am very empathetic, the way that I love people as a whole is very special interest like.

  3. This is such an interesting perspective. I’m constantly observing and evaluating people. Wondering what they’re up to. Why they picked those clothes. What their life is like. It’s fascinating to me. I talk about the people I follow on instagram all the time and my husband is just like… uhhh huh. He doesn’t care whose kids are doing what or who’s remodeling their house. Haha.

  4. That one was my first favorite song off Stand Up. I was a month shy of 13 when it came out :)

  5. Thanks :) I'll keep an eye out for your FO (if you plan on posting it), I love the butterflies that she designed

  6. :) I was literally in the middle of stitching today and dropped it for a second to go browse the other colors/designs because I am enjoying it so much lol. I will for sure post my finish!

  7. Haha yeah there's so many nice ones, and i wanna make all of them, but also o wanna make about 158 other patterns, so that's a struggle.

  8. I have 75 pages worth of patterns printed lol. I’m not gonna run out any time soon that’s for sure hahaha.

  9. ME TOO. I used to refuse to nap during the day because it meant other people would be awake and possibly see me asleep. I would be the last one to fall asleep at a sleepover, which were torturous enough already… We took a few train trips that required us to sleep in the coach cars, that was awful. I’m a bit better about it now if it’s just my husband and kid around, but I still don’t like sleeping with any other people awake.

  10. me too!!!! as a kid i refused to take naps. and i just went on vacation over the summer with friends, had the same experience where i had to sleep on a train. i was mortified 😭

  11. Mortified is the right word, yes. I always made sure I was completely covered with a blanket, head and all even though I hate that sensation. I don’t think I ever napped as a kid. My mom said 20 minutes tops when I was just a baby too.

  12. I have a lot of the regular sized ones (like A4 sized?), but found some bigger ones for my bigger projects. They are a lot thicker than my smaller ones.

  13. I haven’t needed an oversized one just yet but it’s good to know they’re out there!

  14. Yeah, I honestly just was like it would be nice... And then found something after looking for a bit. I was keeping my bigger ones in a tote bag until a handful of pecans fell in and I realized that wasn't as great of a storage idea and that something worse could get dropped in.

  15. Thank You 💙 It was unexpected, so this has been a pretty cathartic project.

  16. Any loss is hard, but the unexpected ones just sweep you off your feet. It sucks. I’m glad stitching helps some. 💕

  17. Oh yeah, that doesn't seem as bad. I did full service and it was a lot.

  18. I think I would be good at full service but I would not enjoy it one bit. Although for various reasons I’m stuck working fast food right now and it’s hell. Again, I’m good at it, but it’s so unfulfilling it hurts.

  19. I'm sorry. Yeah, I totally understand how draining it can be to be at a job where you feel like you're just going through the motions because you need the money.

  20. That’s exactly it. Sheer survival. Sigh. I try to keep hope that it’s not a forever thing, though some days it sure feels like it is 🫠

  21. Currently preparing lunch. My least favorite meal to make. I rarely eat breakfast, but lunch just interrupts the flow of my whole day. If I could afford take out for lunch every single day, I would.

  22. I miss my cat. He would appear from nowhere the moment I pulled out my threads even if I hadn’t seen in him 5-6 hours. Then he’d sit and stare while I set up, and creep closer to me until he could swat at it while I stitched. 😂 Mischievous string loving little beasts.

  23. My husband said that he wasn’t sure (before we started dating) if I’d be into him or not because I “was nice to everyone” 🤨

  24. I worked in a restaurant and had soo many older folks as regulars. It was hard to tell them apart sometimes. This lady came up to me and ordered “our usual” and I’m like ehhh idk who you are 😅 she and her husband usually came up to order together and without him I didn’t recognize her. Whoops.

  25. Omg, the worst part for me was re-greeting people I already said hi to only a few minutes prior. People have just always assumed I was lazy, inept, or careless.😭

  26. I apparently attract guys with daddy issues. As in, they have a bad or troubled relationship with their dad. Lol. I currently don’t speak to my own dad, so idk if it was foreshadowing or what. 🥴

  27. Maybe you attract men with daddy issues cuz ur vulnerability makes them feel like a man. Many men without fathers don’t feel like a man, so they prey on vulnerable girls to feel better about themselves. Scumbags

  28. Iiiiiiinteresting… I wish I’d have realized some of these things before I was flipping 30.

  29. I've been wanting to ask this question as well for months... LOL. Thanks for asking! My least favorite puzzle images are trains, some images with lots of birds, lazy collages, mystery puzzles, fantasy / dragon / unicorn puzzles, bad photoshop puzzles, those very crazy busy images with lines over lines over lines, Dowdle puzzles (they are so dark), star wars or any movie theme. Wow, I started with only 2 and reading this thread made my list explode.

  30. Omg my dad loves trains. I did soo many train puzzles with him as a kid.

  31. I hate when the image on the box is nice and crisp and the puzzle is anything but. I have a Ravensburger that I hunted for over a few months, finally got my hands on a new copy, and the image is blurry and washed out - I’m not the only one based on feedback I’ve seen here after I bought it. I gave up on it even though I love the image.

  32. This is hilarious because I just saw that puzzle on the puzzle warehouse site about two minutes ago and thought “oh that’s pretty” 😆

  33. Can I just say I’m so annoyed for you. Like my insides are feeling physical reactions to this complete and utter disregard for your requests and refusal to accept you for who you are. Also welcome to the 30s club! I joined this year too.

  34. Sometimes I like to listen the studio version of Two Step because of the extra vocals that don’t make it to the live version. But studio version I prefer… hmm. Maybe She. Off the top of my head. Haven’t quite heard Dave hit those vocals live.

  35. I just love Proudest Monkey studio version. So chill. Red Rocks 95 version is great too though.

  36. I’m so glad eye contact has never been an issue for me. As in, no one has ever called me out on it being too much or too little. I think I mostly avoid it but I’ve also done very busy jobs where we chat while we work and aren’t looking at each other anyway. I just don’t understand why it’s so important. It’s my ears that hear you not my eyes.

  37. Agree with Snow Outside! I immediately loved that song when I heard it and then used it for my wedding!

  38. That is so sweet! I'm glad more people appreciate that song as much as I do!

  39. Better than come tomorrow, everyday, and stay. Worse than every other album.

  40. Seek Up, Pig, The Dreaming Tree, Warehouse, Big Eyed Fish… I better stop. Lol.

  41. I’m back, not that anyone cares or will see this. For Seek Up, I’m having a hard time summarizing. Now that I finally comprehend them all (ha, took me a while to listen closely) every lyric hits me. As a highly intuitive and emotional person in world where feelings are discouraged, “forget about the notion that our emotions can be kept at bay”. Yes. The whole song just highlights to me that people are really going about life all wrong. “Every day things change but basically they stay the same. Ugh. I wish this wasn’t so true.

  42. I’ve been listening since I was a kid, and listening with purpose for over a dozen years now, and I am STILL learning lyrics. Haha. For example, when I was a kid I heard “I was there when the bear ate his hair and thought it was candy”… ah, yeah. JUST learned within the past month or two that it’s HEAD. Not hair. 😂

  43. I struggle with it. My current job uses it and I’ve been there 1.5 years. I still think 20:00 is 10pm.

  44. Hindsight is really a pain in my behind honestly lol. We’re in the US… so depending on how things are going here in 5-10 years, we may consider it after all. 🥴 An international school would be so interesting!

  45. It really is! Well, I’ve heard tell that there are American international schools in Astana, which is the capital! Do with this information what you will. ;)

  46. Even though I may never do anything with that information, I find it weirdly exciting. I think just knowing the potential is out there is kind of fun. Thanks for your insights!

  47. Ugh i have those ALL THE TIME. It’s horrible. I’ve had this and i wake up and try to feel for him and he’s gone in the bathroom and i lose it…. Until he walks back in lol horrible timing

  48. I wonder if his leaving to go to the bathroom triggers the dreams?? I’m sorry you experience them often! They are no fun at all.

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