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  1. Sorry for paywall. The gist is: No consensus between the two majority owners (Porsche/Piech families and Lower Saxony) how to keep Diess. Lower Saxony agreed to extend Diess' contract back in July based on the premise that he would communicate more internally. He hasn't communicated with the prime minister once since.


  3. What's the top speed? because this is finally in my budget

  4. Does his telekinesis work on Satoshi's ghost? Now there's a matchup for

  5. Satoshi is planning on coming back to life as a cyborg

  6. What if he dies, then comes back to life and has telekinesis?

  7. Reports from Israel indicate omicron will get rid of stupid people faster than previous variants

  8. Something never explained - why gates wants to track you? Or why gates needs a chip to track you when a cell phone works just as well?

  9. He was about the first to use biometrics to track childhood vaccine recipients in developing nations. This was to see how effective the program was and try to maximize the vaccination rate. He saved billions of kids.

  10. Fox “News” should be charged with crimes against humanity. They are responsible for 100s of thousands deaths with their conspiracy laden, pro gun, anti vaxx divisive propaganda.

  11. And here I was thinking it only happens to my potato phone

  12. Man, I said the other day they weren't done blowing up satellites

  13. There were several days filled with headlines "space debris killing everybody" and then a tiny headline "It wasn't that bad"

  14. It's twice as dangerous for unvaccinated people, so say the Israelis

  15. When they announced they would look at the grid after the freeze, i said they'll find a way to fuck it up even more

  16. I'm glad Mary Barra led the industry in giga press technology

  17. My most sensitive accounts have fido2 u2f. Any accounts where bitwarden handles my TOTP, the passwords stored in the vault are peppered. Hacker wouldn't be able to get to the 2fa stage without knowing what my pepper is, which is unlikely.

  18. The unfolding steps are greater in number then any other space probe ever launched. Although the Mars probes may have had more steps after landing. I was just thinking about space vehicles.

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