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  1. I didn’t explain well enough. The ports on the hub are USB 3. I can’t connect the hub directly to the USB 3 port at the rear as the lead too short

  2. Wow thanks for all the comments and insight. I just finished season 1 last night so a bit more bingeing to go

  3. thanks for your responses guys, they make sense to me. I don't want to risk bricking my router so i'll leave it be

  4. Wow awesome insights, thanks. I’ve never seen the large liquid packs of lamb but I’ll take a look for the lamb stock cubes.

  5. Worth noting that this problem seems to have solved in a recent update, as I have not seen it for a short a while...

  6. I am having this problem still. I go to a site that I have username and password entries for in Nordpass. I get the nordpass logo at the end of the userid and password fields. When I click nordpass logo on userid and this fills that in but when I click the icon at the end of the password field I’m presented with the new password generator dialog. I’ve tried both Chrome and Opera browsers with their respective nordpass extensions.

  7. Forgot this thread... But, yes... It came back with a vengeance, and now it just won't connect to the desktop app at all! 100% failure despite reinstalls of both parts, system resets, and all sorts of other combinations.

  8. i only tried Nordpass because Avira didn’t work for me. I just wish I could get my Avira Password manager to work on my device. It works perfectly on desktop and Mac but not phone. Posts to their community support go unanswered.

  9. This is doable, as long as the unsued routers support this functionality.

  10. Thank you for the advice. What exactly would I be looking for in the settings? Wifi extender??

  11. Yes this appears to be the case. I checked a few more folders and the Size on Disk was around File number x 1000. Thank you

  12. Hi, I just googled this but use this command to find out your cluster size

  13. thanks for your response. I'm not exactly sure how to use that command. Is that one string of text that I type and the command prompt, or something else?

  14. Thanks! Although, part of me is wondering if it's worth it 😭. I've been spending so much time tweaking not only the speakers/sound, but also the TV picture settings. Wife thinks I've gone crazy when I busted out the tape measure for "optimal" speaker and viewing distance, did the sub crawl, and ran audyssey every time a couch or coffee table moved.

  15. Yeah it’s a bit like the size of tv screen. You buy a good big size put it up looks great and then a week later you think hmm what if I went bigger ?!

  16. do you have external drives or shared drives connected?

  17. Yes I do. I thought about that but it doesn’t do it all the time. It will be fine for hours and then just start with the delay

  18. Oh that is hilarious! Thanks for helping me start the day with laughter!

  19. He/she is smarter than a lot of politicians!

  20. We had something that is similar but not the same. Ours were about a 1/3 of the screen from the bottom it changed it’s noticeabilty depending on what colours were on the screen. We contacted Samsung told them about the problem told them when we bought it, it was out of warranty. They were familiar with the problem asked us to send a few pictures showing the issue which we did. Then repair got authorised and booked in with repairer. They came out literally split the panel in two removing the screen section. Bunged on a new one and all fixed. If I can work out how to post a pic in comments I can show what ours was like

  21. Yeah, they're fake my friend. You're not getting a fucking 8TB SSD for $80. Inside of these drives, if anything at all, will be a ultra cheap maybe 16GB flash drive with hacked firmware that reports a higher capacity to the OS. It will work "normally", albeit extremely slow, at first and after filling whatever actual capacity it has it will begin overwriting the original files and completely corrupt the files system and lose everything.

  22. Thanks for the confirmation. While I suspected it for the reasons mentioned here, I wanted to get confirmation so thank you all.

  23. Thanks to All who responded. I have tried all protocols all ports and did have some variation but all were still consistently significantly lower that with no VPN Not sure I can do much else just seems to be the way it is

  24. I don’t know how it can be spun otherwise it’s very clear

  25. They never are, that’s how they suck you in 🤣

  26. Brings a whole new meaning to putting a rocket up your ass

  27. Don’t pioneer make a proprietary BT adaptor? Then I assume you would pair to a device via the AV Receiver. From what I’ve seen they are very compact, much smaller than most of the dedicated Tx/Rx devices.

  28. Yes Pioneer do make one. It is a lot more expensive than third party devices which is why I went down that path.

  29. I'd argue only robodebt is even close to the vaccine rollout fuckup. The others are all fairly innocuous compared to the vaccine rollout.

  30. Well if you accept incompetence, rorting and corruption I guess it’s a pretty low bar.

  31. I don't accept it but the consequences are fairly minor compared to robodebt and the vaccine rollout.

  32. I don’t accept a pm that doesn’t take any responsibility for his actions, (or lack there of). If you don’t like accountability, don’t run a country you smarmy prick. On a personal note, I hope someone shits in his pool again.

  33. I started with the free accounts which was fine for a while. Then when I really noticed the quota download bandwidth I ended up purchasing the lowest tier just for a month to see what it was like. I found it great got amazing d/l speeds and paid for a 12 month account. I’ve only had some issues using the MEGASync with it saying it’s up to date when I know it isn’t. But restarting normally fixes that for me. The most common gripes I hear posted here are from people who the free accounts don’t meet their expectations but don’t want to actually pay for a service or lamenting that MEGA used to offer more (for free) than they do now. I don’t know if this is true or not but anyway it’s is a pointless argument. I’d definitely recommend them.

  34. How did he keep 2 girlfriends at once? I’d be asking how TF he got one leave alone 2 gfs with his monosyllabic dialogue and zombie look!?

  35. I was really happy the son died. He was one of the most annoying kid (under 18 on the show) actors I've ever seen on television. Bryan Cranston is bending over backwards breaking every law in the book to cover for his son and this idiot is making things difficult for him every step of the way...telling his teacher the truth, dating the sister of the boy he killed and NEVER under any circumstances answering his fucking phone.

  36. I’m with you. Adam’s character was painful to watch. Major plot hole is that he could have pulled two ladies like that. I only finished it last night and hadn’t read anything online at all. I thought I was going crazy when the whole cheating thing came up. I couldn’t remember it at all. In RL I have random memory problems so I put it down to this but was pleased when I started reading this sub.

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