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  1. 30k sounds low but anything is possible if you budget properly.

  2. The Olympic committee should revoke the games from China.

  3. Don’t be afraid to be rude and make sure you tell it straight.

  4. Why is pugsly wearing wednesdays clothes again?

  5. We have had sex between the marrige and now. Also I love him he is my husband for better or worse.

  6. You don’t. You aren’t looking for advice either. You’re looking for validation in your sketchy marriage.

  7. None. They sound dumb. I always hate when Vegeta says his birth name. I don’t know why Goku even acknowledges Vegeta when he calls him it.

  8. My bad, was referring to 2001s Baby Looney Tunes.

  9. And you keep spelling toon wrong. Tune is music. Toon is Cartoon

  10. Gross French smells. Also gross smell from a washed up reality star.

  11. I never understood how there could be a Johnny blaze and a Johnny storm yet the storm version is the one who is on fire head to toe. It’s just backwards.

  12. What? If you don’t wipe your ass, you’re fucking gross.

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