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  1. Sure thing. I can circle back here with shipping and final agreed price to be in line with the rules and keep things public.

  2. No one has sold the United deck on EBay. I tried looking for it.

  3. They have, just not recently enough in the last two months or so for it to show up in the sale history.

  4. I'd be open to buying the opened copy. You can wait to see the results of the 52+Joker auction in April or look at historical data of auctions from socalplayingcards. I haven't seen this deck sell on its own, moreso together with the USPCC 2020 celebration.

  5. Can I be nosey and ask what deck it was? Sounds like an Unbroken or a Crown🤔 $350 is most I have spent on a single deck but only because I am poor 🤣

  6. I personally wouldn't buy a Crown nor Unbroken because of different reasons. Not a huge fan of the Unbroken cards, and Crown is just paying huge markups for a tuck essentially. Unless you're a completionist for S17, go for it.

  7. My dad bought a blue oath from Lotrek himself in 2019. Just sold it last year

  8. Yup, you helped me gauge price when I was asking months ago. I definitely feel I overpaid but it was worth not having to keep looking for it.

  9. I've spent about 200x that on a deck before 😅


  11. Because people will pay that price. Certain decks will cost more due to print run, foiling, etc.

  12. Hey was this feedback counted? I don't see a response to your comment or mine.

  13. It's not immediate as I don't think it's automated. But no, it has not counted yet.

  14. If anyone has 2019 Sugar & Plum, I'd love to entertain any reasonable offers. Let's discuss.

  15. There was a mystery sale years back and this was one of the releases. P52 is incorrect and there are 35 of them in existence. I only started collecting last year so finding this is incredibly difficult!

  16. If anyone is considering selling decks from this year, I am interested. Let's talk.

  17. Make Playing Cards MPC is highly recommended for low print run decks. A lot of designers use them to make prototypes before printing

  18. Cardvolution had some weird glitches for their auctions in the past and added proxy bidding after I recommended they do so, so some of their older ones may not be so accurate. With that said, it would be nice if these auctions were differentiated by site.

  19. Thanks for the feedback! There should be two tabs in the sheet. One for SoCal and one for Cardvo.

  20. My mistake! I'm used to tabs on the bottom, didn't even notice.

  21. Well, I imagine it really depends on what you ask for it. The retail cost was $60 and lately gilded decks from KWP haven't been selling for all that much in the secondary market.

  22. Feel free to post in this section here if you'd like additional input:

  23. I see you had the 8 opened TWI decks for $100. Seeing as someone purchased two of them for $35, what are your thoughts on the remaining 6 for $65?

  24. This was also cross posted on Fb, the anima sold prior to you asking but didn't get a chance to update the sheet. The other apoteosi and Galaxia I haven't heard from the other guy, I will give him 24 hours and then if you'd like youd have first dibs on what's left and I can give you the price then? If not I completely understand!

  25. Sounds good. I might pass on the Galaxia Superba if someone else wants it as I already have one, but I'm definitely interested in the rest including the Apoteosi if you don't hear back.

  26. Not sure why the downvotes - I'm genuinely interested in who this is

  27. How would it be different than all the communities that already exist?

  28. Instead of many communities, you would just need one. Sort of why I'm asking though. To see if anyone would be interested in one single place where everyone can go. I mean what's the point of Facebook when you have reddit? 🤣

  29. I get what you'd try to achieve but everyone likes different things. Some people hate the format of Reddit, others love forums, and some older collectors can only be found on Facebook.

  30. How much was Quartermaster if you don't mind me asking? I have an extra one that's kind of unique that I am looking to sell but pricing is hard to gauge.

  31. I don't like to support such pricing so I skipped.

  32. One is Little Atlantis Day and one is Little Atlantis Night. They're different colorations of the same deck. I googled it...

  33. Sorry if I have not explained well, Look at the little Atlantis day deck, You can see one have custom seal(sticker) And the other one is not.

  34. Sometimes people will print a 1000 or a certain number with a seal as a limited edition, and the rest with no seal. Mainly for collectors. That's about it.

  35. It's one of my favorite TWI decks. Glad I opened it

  36. One of the best campaigns of the year in terms of quality and bang for your buck.

  37. I think they’re definitely more than $25 each. I’ve seen sets fetch more than individual decks. You also might want to consider contacting the owner of So Cal Playing Cards. I believe he buys from people and either resells or puts them up for auction on his site. Idk how payment to sellers work, but it’s something to look into if you want.

  38. Henry doesn't buy them. He can put it up for you for auction and will take 11% of the final price as his consignment fee.

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