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  1. I went to all male Hs. Shit was WAY fucking easier. No drama at all in class. No cliques. No phoniness. College was a bit of an adjustment though.

  2. Your biggest flaw here is you think College and university are different. While there are some slight differences in that colleges tend to. Smaller schools that don’t offer grad programs for all intents and purposes they are the same.

  3. My wife’s Irish cousins have come. They ate a lot and drank even more. As is expected

  4. I work with adolescents with behavioral and anger issues. I came here to say the same thing. Reading this without the context made my educator heart happy… he using his words to appropriately advocate for himself across settings! Then the reality set in. sigh

  5. If I came across anyone in real life who made requests like this the last fucking thing I would think is he is appropriately advocating for himself. I would instantly assume he is a psychopath.

  6. okay..? this literally adds nothing to the conversation and just makes you sound like an ass tbh

  7. Well, seems my opinion is more popular than yours so it kind of makes you look like an ass tbh

  8. It was certainly your imagination. I, a Dave in high school, now a David as an adult (no idea how that happened), was one of the Daves that everyone's parents trusted.

  9. Yep, we always thought NYC had good public transport and nobody needed to use their cars. Turns out, compared with insert any city in Europe the public transport is fucking shite.

  10. I don’t about any city, the public transport in Dublin is pretty shit.

  11. It’s also possible he wasn’t completely honest about his own symptoms, which would come out in any litigation

  12. Well, that’s really why there are supposed to be baseline tests before the season and then done again before getting cleared. He can lie about his symptoms all he wants but the test should be pretty black and white

  13. I think this one might even be better than mandalorin, I mean both are amamzing but let’s be honest, the “baby yoda” effect had such a huge goodwill that gave mandalorin a pass on its shortcomings. I would say andor is executed much better and tighter. And the acting just puts it over the others.

  14. This show is WAY better than The Mandalorian and I love The Mandalorian.

  15. Turtles will try to return to the same pond you got it form. Don’t realize it to a random canal, take it back where you got it, otherwise there is a good chance it ends poorly when he tries to cross a road

  16. But you don’t. Have some standards ffs.

  17. Standards are for actual dating.

  18. Because no matter how they look their pussy still feels great.

  19. Ah once again the rich prevail. What a nice society we live in.

  20. Who the fuck do think lives next to Golf Courses?

  21. I understand, I've dealt with losing my $400 clownfish because our LFS gave us waste water doing our weekly water change. My best friend is a 75 year old lfs store owner here in mass. He swears by tap also. I get the skepticism. Sorry for the misspelling.

  22. Are you on MWRA water? I am, and have always used it with no problems in fresh. I just moved to Salt and have a cheap RODI system, but my water is super clean (MWRA), so I have been tempted to see what happens with Tap. I have no plans on going with SPS coral anytime soon anyway.

  23. Sorry. Though you said you were in Mass. MWRA is the Massachusetts Water Authority

  24. I wish I could say the same. I tried BCN for a while but it never landed right. Now if I listen to any radio it's likely to be Be You Ah.

  25. BCN was gone before FNX was. BCN switched to Mix in 2009. fNX signed off in 2012.

  26. You are more likely to fumble than anything else here.

  27. They get better treatment if they present as a child without parents than if they register as the actual 25 years old they are.

  28. Please do. I’ve abused the Boston accent far more than I care to admit these past few days.

  29. Pro tip, I am sure you meant well but we REALLY hate that. If you aren’t from Boston, you can’t do the Boston accent. Even Hollywood actors with the best dialect coaches in the world can’t get it remotely correct. It comes off as more patronizing than anything

  30. I appreciate it and can guarantee it was never done with ill intent, nor did I think it was a convincing accent lol. It was just my husband and I going back and forth with each other. I can imagine how annoying it would be to hear out of towners trying to mimic the accent back at you on a regular basis but that’s not how we roll. We like to keep our annoying tendencies between the two of us ha.

  31. Well then have as much fun doing it as you want.

  32. Hypothetically, if he just lateralled the ball out of bounds as he was about to go down, would that stop the clock?

  33. Nope. 5 yard penalty and ten second run off.

  34. Would an injury time out there have helped? Say if McKenzie stayed down after being tackled (whether genuinely injured or not). Or would that be a 10 second run off too?

  35. Ten second run off there as well. League caught onto all those shenanigans 50 years ago.

  36. Bills lost. That makes up for some of it

  37. Yeah at the expense of Miami winning.

  38. I will take Miami fans over Buffalo fans any day of the week. Plus I would actually take enjoyment seeing Miami take the division that Buffalo thought was theirs. Since we aren’t going to get it that would make my year.

  39. Really regional but the Harvard Bridge between Boston and Cambridge is 364.4 smooths long. One smoot is 67inches.

  40. Yeah, me and my brother was talking about that. They were trying to hint that the character was based on old man Kennedy because who the hell could they be talking about. The guy doing the accent is from Australia so it explained a lot. Non Bostonians have a hard time doing a Boston accent, there are some that can, but I sure as hell can’t.

  41. I can’t think of a single nonBostonian who can do an even remotely passable accent. Kevin Bacon in City on a Hill is OK. But he has now done like 4 or 5 Boston movies, along with the series so he has been exposed to it a bit.

  42. How brightly lit, well stocked, and organized college parties are. Even the big frats with large houses and money don't throw parties like that. They don't have a lighting rig, usually the "sound system" is just someone's stereo cranked up til the speakers clip (maybe a cheap-ass PA if some one happens to be in a band, but this is very rare), and what food/drink there is mostly comes from what people bring themselves. It's either crowded and chaotic, or just a couple people on couches watching TV.

  43. I used to work for my college radio station so when we had parties I did “borrow” the stations portable gear. Crown amps, huge 15” JBL speakers a, dual technics 1200s, Denon mixer.

  44. After all this time people still think Bill has to listen to what Kraft wants? If Kraft insisted on anything Bill would just walk. He’s not here to be a puppet for what Robert Kraft wants. He’s here to coach a football team.

  45. And a 5-11 season going against the wishes of the owner will mean Bill is looking for a new team next year while showing he can’t win shit without #12

  46. Not if he actually wants Shula record. Which I used to think he did, then the last three years happened.

  47. That’s what I figured. Mac’s first pick was ugly but this one seemed more 50/50 on him and Parker. Is what it is

  48. I will say it was more 90/10 on Parker. We supposedly want those 50/50 plays and he didn’t run the correct route to put him in position to make the play.

  49. What happens is he just yeets the ball out of bounds? Does that stop the clock?

  50. 5 yard penalty from the spot and a ten second runoff.

  51. Only if you act like a dick when she wants to use toys.

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