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Unfinished games are the new standard and I’m fucking sick of it.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Brought calisto after watching a minute trailer and I’m having a great time lol

  2. Definitely the dlc, the one part where you are walking backwards and another mannequins shows up be hide you… never scream while playing a video game before.

  3. I’ve just played it for a couple of hours and love everything so far. The combat is pretty awesome but the only thing I hate is when we both hit each other at the same time

  4. I mean it’s true, every cod after mw19 has been selling well on pc after they introduced cross-play

  5. Yup! Very useful for shoot house building. 2 cams at both doors and with a 725 is nice

  6. Really like this skin, easily my main operator. It also really easy to get since I’ve never went out my way to get it.

  7. Already? I feel like they’ll do the event later, maybe near Christmas

  8. I do, when trying to join low skill players to get better lobbies

  9. Every single person who pre-orders, who buys the battlepass, and to an extent even just buys the game, is responsible for this.

  10. What did I do? I’m having fun and I’m already rank 205. Don’t blame me for this lol

  11. Yeah it’s true, which is why it’s needed. Only players that support this is mnk players lol

  12. Why is this in a bcs and breaking bad sub? I just started watching the walking dead…This sucks

  13. I'm sorry, I just don't get how shooting bots is that much fun.....just play the campaign

  14. I mean when you get overwhelm and overrun by them, it gets intense you know? Like how my team was shooting the Ai on the rooftop and when I get blocked off by like, 20 fully armor Ai from escaping with my team at the end.

  15. I just unlocked that skin, just chase down whoever have the case, kill them and then leave. Always works for me

  16. Godawful? This is easily the best game mode they released in years. It’s pretty good once you know what to do

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