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  2. The closest rehab to me is 7 hours away. They should be on every corner. We do fuck all for mental health here. Yay murica.....

  3. A.A. meetings are relatively easy to find, particularly for folks like you and I who have computers and internet connections (or even just telephones.)

  4. My sister, who is a Republican medical doctor sent this to me and is saying this is racist. I don't see it. What is your take?

  5. 13 days old, well within the sub's 2 week rule, but pretty uninteresting.

  6. Stretch a truth far enough, it becomes a Big Fat Lie.

  7. I'm also burning my regular passport, tearing up my driver's license, taking the license plates off my cars, and forging a new tinfoil hat.

  8. You have just freaked out 1/3rd of the internet.

  9. I think that the complete headline here would be:

  10. What does everyone here think about this style of government? Would you support it?

  11. He's been hitting the bong too much and 'fame' is getting to him.

  12. Yeah, 'cause Ukraine is really, really just about to invade the Russian Federation and take over the whole country. **/s**

  13. Personally, I ignore or block it, along with Fox, Al Jazeera, OAN, as well as some left wing propaganda outfits. But RT is high on the 'blow that shit off' list.

  14. JH Christ ... July 18 what decade?

  15. If some parent knowingly sends their kid to school with any infectious disease, that's kind of fucked up, no?

  16. And nothing will happen to them at all. Even if someone dies because of it. At most maybe a bit of ostracizing by the community.

  17. If my kid(s) or family got ill as a result ...

  18. I kind of think that this qualifies as "dangerous health misinformation".

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