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  1. That's one opinion. Another set of opinions (most people who've cared to comment on their new Model 3) are overwhelmingly positive. So is it the owner who just doesn't understand their car and is naively happy? Or is it just that the critique is ill-founded?

  2. Putting generic turn knobs (perhaps that could also press in like a mouse-wheel/button 3) around the display would be good. Then their function can be programmed and the visual guide from the adjacent area of the display could make the context of their use clearer. Maybe even with tiny OLED panels on each knob that can change to reflect a state.

  3. TLDR someone? Am I sort of on the right path in assuming they're suggesting that mutations might occur more in a positive way than negative or even just average due to some particular drivers? And as such reproductive success isn't the sole filter.

  4. I'm going to have to read the paper again, but they're more suggesting that there maybe be factors that cause some regions of DNA to be more likely to undergo mutations than others.

  5. How could this possibly be useful for self driving cars? Are we worried that self driving cars might not feel good about their decisions, and that we need to find some way of easing their stress?

  6. At some point algorithms or complex systems making decisions about road safety need to be based on something. It's not about feelings but the comparitive confidence - higher confidence in a decision made re: ethics/safety means safer autonomous cars.... in theory - at least that's how I read it.

  7. I made a Teams call yesterday from my phone (13 on 15.2) and as soon as I initiated it all noise cancelling seemed to drop, I was hearing loads of ambient sound - in fact it even sounded like the ambient sounds were amplified! If I wasn't speaking fairly loudly they weren't able to hear me either.

  8. I've noticed this same thing on mine as well, on the left earbud with ANC turned on, its subtle but still manages to be very distracting, particularly with calls. Anyone have luck calling sony about this? Would the warranty cover this issue?

  9. I don't think Sony or many other companies realise the annoyance many users feel being interrupted - especially in this manner, lowering the volume or even just outright pausing playback. It's as bad as having focus stolen by Windows all the time.

  10. Difficult, but also essential. Well drained

  11. Sri Lanka has a history of large-scale water management. The "tanks" as they're referred to locally are massive water schemes to divert and store water from the central highlands to drier zones in the northern lower lands.

  12. Permaculture emerged from the tropics.

  13. Holmgren developed his contribution in Southern NSW and Victoria, Mollison developed his part from observing rainforests in Tasmania - very un-tropical.

  14. Attacking a country doesn't make them realign with you, it generally hardens their resistance.

  15. In todays Information Age the perceived reality needn’t resemble the actual reality much. If Ukrainians come to feel Russia is their saviour will they really resist?

  16. And yet my HOA needs me to keep watering my grass so it's completely green.

  17. The idea of HOAs to me is just mind-blowing. More so that it arose in the US where they're so apparently rabidly protective of their freedoms. Some freedom!!

  18. Bank paying 150k plus benefits, 100% remote here in .au

  19. No this isn't for me and the positions were fairly low level (few years grad experience in admin/basic courses on cyber security and limited splunk experience)


  21. I never really thought about Australia having regional accents, but I now I realise why I had a hard time understanding Mark Taylor in cricket interviews as a child, whilst I could completely understand Shane Warne.

  22. Aussie tall-poppy syndrome at work maybe :/

  23. Well no its an Australian English and New Zealand English saying. I'm a New Zealander living in England, I've never heard a British say Choice in that way

  24. Pretty sure it was a NZ saying that we've adopted.

  25. Some European countries use commas the way we use periods. $3,000.00 as 3.000,00

  26. Is the my-dog-isnt-dead I keep seeing some sort of meta or just standard for pets on

  27. Im finding it harder and harder to believe there is such thing as a ethics in the private sector.

  28. They are beholden to the dollar. So my dollar will not go to them as my ethics suggests to me.

  29. ETH/BTC breaking out. Still holding some decent sized ETH bags from my shitcoin days in 2017 that I plan to get rid of soon (for BTC). When do I make that trade?

  30. I'm trying to keep my ETH holdings roughly 20-40% of the value of my BTC. Currently holding 1231 and 0325 futures as well

  31. ​I've heard a lot about FTX, with many people talking about how they use it. I'm curious if other people also use FTX. I wonder what its uses are for them.

  32. Pretty slick trading platform - both the website and the app. Remember to use the Pro app as the non-pro is just the rebranded BlockFolio one - they merged recently.

  33. Brilliant dude. I've had a brush with traditional investment banking and trading so I appreciate his take on crypto from someone who was deep into that world. Kinda wish he'd share more story and less theory though, my eyes glaze over a bit when he goes deep into the financial instrument details lol

  34. Sad to have sold some during this dip, but happy it's still 4x my original :D in $ that is, not sure about in btc since that's where my original stake came from

  35. Will CRO effectively become stock? I've been getting small amounts of NEXO which is already acting like stock for that company I think.

  36. So they are fermenting the meat? We could call it Blood Beer. Or maybe flesh wine, but that doesn't support the alliteration.

  37. Mmm fermented fish honey. Popular with Norwegians? :D

  38. Still haven't tried mine - not been near an airport since COVID :|

  39. Boston Intl. i was worried too! Like, “Someone’s gonna know I’m a fraud “ haha.

  40. Not great for air quality: kerosene smoke contains high levels of harmful particulate matter. Where we dont have a good alternative, like aviation, thats better than getting it from oil deposits, but it shouldnt be used where we have better alternative (power production, heating, etc.)

  41. Could it be used in a fuel-cell instead of burned?

  42. Yah i mean... i don't have time to play tennis with the long/short/long/short. Liq is safe so I just sit it out.

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