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The Best of the Best - This is crazy town. Hilaria Baldwin clips - created by LuckySeven

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  1. Calling Bullshit once again Still not Spanish Always Guest

  2. I respectfully disagree. I loathe those awful Rocky Pendergast / Cathy calls.

  3. Carmen took this picture when I was asleep

  4. Mr. Bighead and Twitchy Psycho Bitch

  5. Those hard lines around her face make it looks like she's wearing a mask.

  6. A wrong turn, in front of the wrong tavern.

  7. What a joke! A man with 7 young children and mounting legal problems and he has all this free time for social media and lecturing others?

  8. Useless tool, political ass kissing. low class piece of garbage.

  9. Excellent work! I wish I had your skill

  10. Also Dear Mr Baldwin. You won’t be looked back on kindly.

  11. I never took my phone out when my toddlers were upset, let alone post their pictures for the world to see. And she uses the word "like" as if a teenager.

  12. Well she has the mind of a 13 year old

  13. Calling Bullshit once again Still not Spanish Always Guest Baldwin

  14. It’s awful to see her holding the baby so badly and paying more attention to her phone and her reflection.

  15. This photo alone should get her taken away.

  16. I know and I thought that could not be accomplished

  17. Oh yes, he dreams of his shirtless busboy nights at Studio 54.

  18. He bussed there for awhile. Helps to meet people in the industry. Why he is so crazy over the top homophobic.

  19. He "James Dean'd" his way into Hollywood. That and his busboy nights at Studio 54

  20. Calling Bullshit once again Still not Spanish Always Guest Baldwin

  21. I like the brick color too. Also I'm not a big fan of painting brick.

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