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  1. This guy has a pikachu chr in his post

  2. Hey arc! Looking to send 3 cards to you sometime soon this time for psa 30$ value level, just commenting.

  3. Hey, as a recent college grad, I hope you’re not buying from your book store, amazon has the books normally much cheaper unless its some online homework site then I’m sorry, i hated those. Also theres some sites where you can get the books for free, you just gotta look around a little! Best of luck!

  4. I need this! I have the checklist but this is the only one I’m missing :( do you mind telling how much you got it for?

  5. What’s the name of this card / set? Amazing. Love the classic sugimori art

  6. This is from the carddass set. Its file no 000. Checklist

  7. i posted another picture with better lighting so hopefully someone can see if it’s real or not but yea it does look like yours

  8. Yeah i saw. I dont see any big signs of it being fake. If it is its a pretty good one

  9. That my fellow pokemaniac is called sunbleach (the sun makes it lighter)

  10. Thats weird bc its never been outside a binder

  11. When they say base set machamp instead of 1st edition >>>>>>>>>. This is worth 40$-50$ based on ebay solds. This is part of the unlimited base set. Its easy to get it confused with the first edition one but this isn’t shadowless (the right side of the card would be lighter and not have the dark brown spot on that side next to the picture)

  12. They only released in the deck. All of them have 1st edition stamp.

  13. Yeah but this one is part of the unlimited base set, no the original first edition base set

  14. Anything here for feraligator / typhlosion/ or kingdra ?

  15. If you dont want it ill take it

  16. That’s fine, whenever you have all the ones you want close ups of feel free to let me know and I’ll take the pics for ya

  17. So i added up all the holos/ reverse holos in tcg and its sitting at 159.91+ ebay solds for zapdos are 30, mew 15, the energies couldnt find anything on (honestly doubt they’re worth much especially the 5), houndoom in mp condition seems to sell for 12 in lp condition, ampharos 5$ mp/lp, and i didnt feel like putting all the uc/c in since they’re likely .10$ cards give or take in lp condition so id add about 15$ to the total. 284.84, idk much about coins or how to search them up but the jirachi, torcic & the rocket one seem to sell for 8$ new and they seem to have scratches on tjem, unown i sold on ebay for 5$ and 20$ for the coins? Would be 262 then half off. Idk if thats lower than you’d expect but

  18. No no of course you listed it all out and have a fair description of what you think they’re each worth, how much would you offer on all of the cards without the coins or tin?

  19. Without the coins and tin, half of 242 is 121 so id offer that

  20. I have melony fa, karen’s conviction and idk if you’re interested in a jpn r backup, interested in shiftry or delcatty ex if the other guy passes.

  21. Thanks for checking in! Didn’t follow through, so we can try to make a deal for doom. The doom is listed as 40 in LP. Here are pics.

  22. Tcg has marnie at 30 with recent sales at 32 & melony at 11 with sales around 12. Im fine with a 2 for one bmwt swap if thats something you’d be into?

  23. I think I’m gonna pass on this. Nothing to do with you, I don’t feel like trading vintage for modern. Sorry. Glws tho!

  24. Hey i saw your comment on the buying and selling sub. Anything in my recent for a couple?

  25. I have an extra gengar chr, solds seem to range from 6-9$ on ebay so i can do 7$ pwe?

  26. Golem value? I have a cgc 9 blaines Charizard

  27. Hello, the Golem crystal goes for about $325 in mint condition, unfortunately I already have that card.

  28. Edit: just saw the second part. Ty!

  29. Confirmed, glad they arrived safely’

  30. alrighty, just a heads up the deoxys is def on the LP side but the other 2 i’d say are NM

  31. After seeing the close ups, I’ll probably hold off for now, the printline for latios & the few small bends/creases on deoxys. Thanks and sorry for the delay

  32. Oh ok then it should definitely be fine then.

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