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  1. Also the rules don't change under the two minute warning? The only rule change I can think of is clock stoppage under 5 minutes when you go out of bounds.

  2. There are some niche rules I think like clock run-offs and scoring play reviews, but nothing that’s fundamentally different than the rules during the rest of the game

  3. Listen to him, he knows everything

  4. Because they are real. And they show up. I loved playing in Philly for a bunch of reasons. I had never lived in a big city and it was cool living downtown for a change. I loved all the sports complexes being in one place. Incredible sense of community and no BS. And it doesn't hurt that winning that first one has us in pretty good standing in the city.

  5. I lived in Fairmount and then Center City. If we're cutting hairs.

  6. I’m just being a jerkoff, I appreciate the response! What were some of your favorite spots to eat, if you don’t mind me asking?

  7. Given the way history seems to have been repeating lately, it may not be a bad prediction.

  8. Which means we win the Super Bowl 18-12 as that was the score when we beat the Falcons in the season opener following our SB victory

  9. He woulda turned out to be a rat, his whole family rats

  10. I told him that photo would come back to haunt him…


  12. I am convinced that everyone born and raised here who chooses Dallas on their own volition are just cranky contrarians looking for attention.

  13. Or Dallas was their dad’s team (because dad was a front-runner) and they’re stuck with em lol I know a few people like this

  14. Home Improvement was such a wild hilarious guess, and then Ken doing the trademark noise got me so good. good times

  15. I legit fucking cackled it was so classic

  16. I’m not even “meh” on it. I think it’s straight up lame and dorky

  17. So sterilized and corporate lol

  18. Felt this one and I don’t even own a shed

  19. You automatically become a dad if you build one

  20. Seriously though you have to watch this other third example, it's tough to get into but in season 7 it gets incredible.

  21. Dark Horse for the Emmys next year for sure

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