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  1. Tabac in Springvale… their buns are tiger rolls and it’s delicious.

  2. I mean maybe can be interesting for the automations and confort while recording but why digitally affect a signal that can be just processed by sending the audio trough the pedal?

  3. I guess one thing could be the slight delay when routing it back to the daw. But it is a easy fix, I do it all the time. And I guess the presets you can save for ease of use

  4. I for one love using guitar pedals as outboard gear with other instruments such as drums. With EHx releasing a new big muff which is a Guitar pedal with a additional function to act as a hardware plugin in your daw. Which other pedals do you think should have this function too?

  5. Been curious about this one for a while. Just out of curiosity, if the coiled cable is doing something to your sound that needs to be fixed then why use it?

  6. Oh I’m not trying to fix the tone change the coiled cable is doing. It adds a bit of warmth to my tone. But I do like my tone to have a bit more chime and harmonics which is what the Euna is doing.

  7. I too like to turn an my air conditioner and wear a sweater at the same time

  8. I for one love turning on my air con in the middle of winter while wearing shorts.

  9. A compressor. Especially if you run a small combo with small speakers. That compression really fattens up your tone

  10. Never too much dirt, I myself have 2 ODs (plumes and blues driver) 3 dist (rat, Acapulco gold and angry driver) and 2 fuzzes (hoof and jhs supreme). All play a part and can never have enough

  11. Free the tone solderless patch cables. Nice and easy way to get solderless cables onto your board

  12. UA AUDIO golden reverberator. The plate, spring and hall reverb is glorious. Had been using a TC hall of fame and decided to upgrade and so glad I did.

  13. Empress compressor. Inspired my clean playing.

  14. Yeah the side chain function on them are killer. I plug my korg volca beats to it and yeah it gets awesome results

  15. Guitar amp speaker out to a load box with the ability to use impulse responses (two notes captor x or a cheaper option is the two notes captor with a tc electronic impulse.).

  16. Neumann ndh 20 (closed back) or NDH30 open back

  17. Nice board and early in the signal chain produces the best results

  18. I also probably use the colourbox v2 the most it works amazing for any sort of guitar tone I'm trying to get, the eq is really powerful and works amazing for getting a good tone for recording, I don't really like the gated fuzz you can get with it, but I like all the sounds you can get which are non gated fuzz/distortion/overdrive. I fucking love this pedal. It is also extremely aesthetically pleasing.

  19. The high pass filter is so good especially when trying to make my guitar cut through a band mix- cutting away the low freq rumble where the bass guitar would sit and overall a cleaner guitar sound

  20. Not even just that, brother that dude is pricey. Ufff

  21. Yeah agree it’s pricey as hell. That’s why I work tons of overtime when I get the chance so that I can afford them pedals.

  22. It would be nice to see how you treat these babies in a live session in front of a crowd!

  23. People buy tickets to see a live music performance but end up in a tap dancing show…..

  24. Heyyyyy man, do you have a list of all the pedals on the board, and the signal path for all of it?

  25. Fairfield long life Eq and maybe a reverse delay (danelectro backtalk) will do well.

  26. Time to support your local cafe then. Ever since wfh started I’ve been a regular visitor to cafes around where I live and their business has benefited. I’m pretty confident that most local suburban cafes are the same. Can’t say the same for cafes in the cbd though unfortunately.

  27. The freed up space is mostly used for car parks. Or it's a rail trench, which is ugly, and much more impassable than before! In some places, there are definitely some nice new bike paths and facilities, but I feel like they are just a sweetener. There was nothing stopping bike paths from being built alongside rail before, apart from political will. Now whenever those paths cross a road, there are terrible wait times at the lights, without any boomgates to help.

  28. Alot of the space underneath the level crossing removal which went the way of skyrail has become recreation areas (

  29. Before the removal of level crossings, there were plenty of incidents involving cars on the rails, people walking across the rails while there’s oncoming trains and massive traffic congestion

  30. There used to be quite a lot of accidents involving school kids getting hit by trains trying to cross level crossings. Can’t remember the last time that has happened and all for the better

  31. You know what you should do, grab some pastries from lune and then go grab a coffee from industry beans in Fitzroy, pretty good way to enjoy the best things in life.

  32. Monforte viennoiserie is also a interesting place

  33. Just bought the comp to go snap my collar bone in a crit with.

  34. Venge seatpost looks cooler in my opinion.

  35. Yeah venge seatpost looks cool. But having the sl7 seatpost would make the bike more well rounded and easier to replace, cause I don’t think they make venge seatpost anymore.

  36. While a alloy version of the tarmac seems like the route they are taking. They missed an opportunity to use Smartweld construction to make a alloy version of the Aethos. That would be a perfect all rounder in my opinion.

  37. Further down the train line Clayton road is pleasant to drive on now.

  38. Sky rail along the train line is the best thing to have happened in that neck of the woods in a while. The new djerring trail is a gem and a lot of local business have greatly benefited.

  39. Should wait for the NEW allez sprint releasing this year. It’s basically going to be a alloy version of the tarmac as it is using the the tarmac Sl7 seatpost, threaded bottom bracket and internal routing. From the specs it looks like a perfect all rounder.

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