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  1. This varies from uni to uni. At mine, for instance, where second and third year are equal, if you've only failed one module it's fine, but any more than 1 and they drop you a degree classification (i.e. from a first to 2:1) If you've failed more than 3, your classification is capped at a pass

  2. If you fail a units worth of modules or less, there's no impact on your degree classification

  3. Cheers to that. When I started writing the report I was aiming for just 40 too, because I wasn't even convinced I could get that. I think I should get 40, but doubt I'll get much above that. I should be fairly safe for a 2:1 too (need to average about 45% in disso+exams), but my brain is telling me that I might not get it and it's quite scary, and to be honest, with how I did in second year, I would be a bit disappointed to not get a first.

  4. This could have been written by me haha - my Disso is purely qualitative (on the Iranian Revolution) and because it's so subjective, I've been super worried I'm gonna fail, even though fingers crossed things should be fine so long as I submit something. With last year going somewhat decently in grades, I've spent so much of the past month panicking big time that my Disso and exams this week are gonna fuck up the progress from last year. Fingers crossed all goes well for you!

  5. the more i've spent time at uni, the less i've thought its an institution to catch you out, but rather to support your learning. i've always been super worried that i wasn't good enough, and had huge imposter syndrome talking to my friends and professors. the reason i think i've found uni so difficult is because i approached the first few years solo without much external help, but utilising the connections and friendships i had in third year really paid dividends. uni is there to help you - attend lectures, attend classes as a bare minimum and you'll do 100% fine.

  6. Definitely think so, given the November buzz that would have translated into the following year. Think it may have displaced one of the other ones that came out earlier in the year (though I can't remember which one)

  7. Yeah had to rewrite an entire section. Doing like 5 hours every day minimum while fasting… and I have no idea whether I’ll even get a good grade or not. We’ll get through this though, right?

  8. I'm doing mine as well and oh my word it is so painful especially whilst fasting. I got so stressed last week I went to the GP. I'm about halfway done, but tbf I'm at that point where I just want it to be done rather than get a good mark.

  9. This is a similar position to figures in the 1930s such as George Lansbury. Lansbury was an ardent and absolute pacifist, and a unilateralist when it came to the British military. He didn’t even back economic sanctions against Italy when it invaded Abyssinia in 1935. I believe he argued Abyssinia had the right to defend itself, but that Britain should not risk war to defend it.

  10. surprised no-one said BAFTAs yet. true, CODAs rise wouldn't have happened without the SAG ensemble, BUT its success in screenplay was quite honestly well out of the blue until the BAFTAs came along. although its love for LP was seemingly too hasty, so take that with a pinch of salt

  11. When does he say he’s having a third kid? I’ve thought about this episode and haven’t found it again

  12. i remember it was the one where lewis' granny passed, and sips said "where one life comes to an end, new life comes out" and my jaw just dropped

  13. This post needs to be deleted mods - article has updated and this post is incorrect - he has been indicted, his case has been referred to a second judge, NOT found guilty.

  14. Absolutely insane that she was still on Albert Square until 2 years ago. Never watched the show, but could always pick out her and Ross Kemp whenever they popped up.

  15. Will he still be able to be nominated/win awards? Or just not vote on them?

  16. you don't need to be a member to receive an award unlike some other voting bodies. whether the branches would WANT to vote for him after this is another story. it's going to need to be a hugely rehabilitating performance for him to get anywhere near a nom let alone a win

  17. I think, given the Academy has been on a streak of legacy nominations for some of its bigger names recently (Deakins, Will Smith, Chastain, etc) that John Williams, in his last outing as a film score composer, will definitely get a nomination, and purely based off of statistics alone, might win. But I dream

  18. I'm hoping for a split vote between CODA and TPOTD so Belfast sneaks through

  19. everytime these secret ballots come out I lose all faith in the Oscars lmao

  20. i cannot believe we invest so much time and energy in predicting the moods and prevailing sentiments of the voters for them to flip a fucking coin lmao

  21. Honestly it's to the extreme on both ends. Definitely think screenplays for Molly's Game, Trial are outstanding, but are just SOOOOO lacklustre direction-wise. Ricardo's is the only one imo that suffers on both fronts

  22. Jota what a beuaty, and I have to say Alissons save/clearance did seem like a penalty, but luck seemed to be on our side. On we move.

  23. hey congrats! i'm an undergrad here at LSE but do tours and outreach events for master's students as well; if you want any info about the campus, uni, lifestyle, course options, whatever, please gimme a shout! congrats once again :)

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