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  1. Im building a koi pond. Its far from finnished.

  2. Dont understand why people feed goldfish to their turtles. They are a shit source of nutrition.

  3. How big of a batch are you planning to make? I studied up at YouTube U. and the people making essential oils were using chemistry type setups with glass tubing.

  4. it kind of depends on what you are starting with, what plants do you plan on extracting from?

  5. I am starting from nothing. I want to make stuff like cinnamon,nutmeg,lavender,etc.

  6. You are an aragonian mage from Oblivion. Your scaly table, crystal and potions prove this. You like to be cooky. Weird Watch. Angel. And overly big bear sculpture that should be on the floor, but for some reason is on a table.

  7. Potion? My peppermint extract ? Arogonian ? From like skyrim ? Lolz.

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