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  1. yea. this thread is a giant nothing burger. it's an air sandwich

  2. I'm so poor I love air sandwiches. Eating them next to the good smelling urinal cakes at work really enhanses the flavor

  3. I can't. My introvert ass couldn't deal with all the hate and gatekeeping going around this place. I prefer to be in peace, I don't seek validation.

  4. I had full dreads for a while and when they got long I decided to go High Top. They're more comfortable in the summer months, they're less to mess with and easier to manage. And this is just personally me, but it would cause real anxiety when I would rub the back of my head because of the dreads. Once I cut them off, it was relieving. It's all up to you though, what you think suits you better.

  5. I started with just high top hair and couldn't even fathom how much a pain in the ass my hair would be as long as it is now if they were full. Like they're chest length. I couldn't deal with all that hair down my back. I usually wear em up

  6. Mine were about mid chest when I cut them, and now the top is down to my mid back. I usually keep them back, and if I have to work or it's hot out, I'll roll them into a bun.

  7. I have to keep them up and back for work. Rotating equipment and safety and stuff like that. Hate to say it but the man bun has saved my ass from a few concussions 🤣 probably should be wearing hard hats but meh

  8. Don't DRS, Ken doesn't like that.

  9. That sounds like a him problem not a me problem 🤷🏼🤙🏼

  10. Mainstar to act as custodian (around $125 a year) or IRA Financial to form an LLC in your name ($400 upfront for GME shares with a fee similar to Mainstar).

  11. Sorry boss, I didn't take any breaks longer than 7 ninures. I did however take my actual 60 MINUTE lunch 🤣

  12. I love how the Doritos always just gets bigger. Literally love it!

  13. Get some Pedialyte as that will be the best friend to get you hydrated. With the drooling you'll need extra hydration than normal. Everything is normal. Looks like you had sutures pop which is ok as well. Soft Baby toothbrush and a rubber tongue scraper to gently brush your tongue. You are so close to getting to the easy parts. You got this. It's a huge mental game for sure.

  14. Popsicles hurt like hell in a weird way. I tried last night and my tongue fluffed up bad. That’s when my headache started. Avoiding for now

  15. J-Pow turned off the money printer and started mashing the copy and paste button

  16. Ya. Damn! Who did yours if you don’t mind me asking?

  17. Shawn o'hare. Great dude. 10/10 will be using for any future mods

  18. Oh!! I’ve heard so many good things about him!! When did you get it done?

  19. Currently no. but after I draw out the application process for the next job I'm trying to line up they will. Hoping to get to the point where I don't start until after the new year, and drop all 3 weeks of my vacation and my 2 weeks notice at the same time.

  20. Omg thanks for mentioning the chapstick. I feel like the damn joker rn the corners of my lips are dying. 😭🤣


  22. I'm not ready to make my posts yet, but I'll message you!! 😁

  23. Long term Chop up your spaghetti noodles for a bit 🤣 those fuckers like to get looped around the bar and then stuck down your throat.

  24. Did you guys ever gain feeling back in the tips of your tongues?

  25. I don't quite ever remember loosing it completely. Maybe a bit of numbness here and there but not for long periods of time.

  26. That’s crazy my tips are pretty numb I expect them to be that way for a bit my husband is over a month healed and he said his are still numb to an extent like no feeling, it’s tingly in some spots but it’s very odd. I do hope I get the feeling back at some point 🥲

  27. You will get there. I guess it takes some time. My lady just said she was numb for a while but I don't remember the tips being that bad 🤷🏼 everyone's different tho.

  28. It sure was nice to feel something again.was really starting to wonder if I was actually mostly dead I side.

  29. We've been edging for 84 years.

  30. Buying a shitload of land. And then adopting all the senior citizen doggos from shelters, and giving them their best lives ever

  31. I'm like a civic hatch owner at the drag strip. I live life a quarter mile at a time and it's the longest 90.days of my life

  32. They are definitely bigger than and seem sturdier than your average wet wipe.

  33. Agreed. I got the medicated ones as well because I get a heat rash along my beltline sometimes. Works wonders for the irritation

  34. What is dude wipes? I'm from Germany so idk shit

  35. Word of advies, once your hair is locked, always keep them neat and clean as possible to avoid bad judgement. In some places depending of the career path you wanna follow, dreads on white folks can look let's say "kinda unemployable".

  36. As a white guy with locs who's been looking for a job, I have interviews and everyone always seems hella impressed and then I never hear anything.

  37. Oiling your head everyday? What? And here I am trying to avoid oily head as much as possible. I have dreads for 8 years and I always made effort to avoid oily head, am I doing it wrong??? Aren't dread - tied hair, oil - releases ties..?

  38. I just passed 4 years and only used oil like 3 or 4 times? And mostly to avoid an itchy scalp

  39. I don't know what would possess a person with that hair texture to want to have locs...

  40. As a person with that hair texture, honestly.... the top picture 🤣 All the 90s and early 00's rockstars we're doing it and I'm still trying to live that

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