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  1. This is why people screaming against regulations they don’t actually know how the world works

  2. Not much as I am on the 2% and I don’t use it often. I got it mainly for the CRO staking and Spotify rebate.

  3. That means that more than half are new investors cos we are +300% from 2 years ago

  4. And then here I am, sweating while waiting for my $10 transaction

  5. So should I ignore the pretty lady that DM me? But she is pretty…

  6. Tickets and general proof of ownership of digital items

  7. Try to not invest too much and be patient… I’ve been there and the key is wait if you believe in your investments you will be ok.

  8. What I learned is that I need to hold basically

  9. Super bullish on ETH. This is one of the few crypto investments that could give more returns than BTC and still be a safe bet

  10. Same as a few red candles… sentiment in the sub is more volatile than the market itself

  11. Trying to time the market. I should have just hold

  12. Don’t worry, you just need to wait and it will fix by itself.

  13. You can get some quick profit but you need to follow the hype, pull back on time and not being greedy

  14. It is higher than the average for sure. In the UK is 20% capital gains taxes

  15. Probably he was payed twice that just to ‘pretend’ to buy it

  16. Time in the market is always the answer and the easier strategy to follow

  17. That’s the beauty of the blockchain technology

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