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  1. Wait? So new batsman comes on strike? I am out of the loop with the rules

  2. "fixing" a woman is euphemism for rape or grooming/manipulation

  3. If Reddit admins ever look into that sub for bigotry, hate, genocidal promotion, then that deceiving icon might help them survive.

  4. Spot on, the reddit admins are notorious for turning a blind eye to non-english bigotry either by apathy or incompetence . Iirc,


  6. Holy shit, definitely one of the worst pieces I have had the displeasure of reading.

  7. Nah, this guy posted on the right subreddit.

  8. What a fucking joke. I love Virat. But this Virat worship is what gets me off. Obviously Maxi deserves Player of the Match.

  9. I am sure Maxi wouldn't have minded

  10. Arjun Tendulkar in for Bumrah 💀

  11. 🤞 RR - 48-10 CSK - 52-0 (4.3) 🤞

  12. Any lip readers in the sub able to decode that? Only caught the "fuck me" at the end

  13. RCB ends up with 135-4 (20.0) with Koach's 101(98) masterclass

  14. Surely MI won't bottle this like us

  15. I want to see Thala's century today, they should still lose the match though

  16. Sorry for the dumb question but what is Tales ?


  18. Hear me out, we need to make some radical changes in the Lineup so here are my players

  19. Hey, you never know..don't knock it till you try it

  20. Next match if it continues this way for Srh,Steyn should walk into bowl and Lara should walk out to bat and suddenly their team looks hella strong

  21. Tactical duck by kane as well 😭

  22. Right behind you guys.We want the same results

  23. Interesting, it was also telecasted in the title of "Backkom" iirc

  24. 50 in 26 is still very doable with MSD at the crease. I won't rest until the last wicket falls.

  25. Ok, now you guys are just reaching RCB fans level of pessimism

  26. DK at the form of his life at this IPL. Such a treat to witness..

  27. No Harshal isn’t going through a hair transplant procedure. His sister died recently and he missed the last match because of that. He’s shaved his head as part of an Indian funeral ritual.

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