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  1. I definitely walked some people through the idea of the “right click”

  2. Poles for a simple bonus to be the first civ to meet the north or South Pole would be interesting. Also, “global warming” could start as soon as civs start burning coal and could raise sea levels and ice caps for strategic land appearing later in game?

  3. My experience with the water temple describes the problems I have with OOT. I died after the Like Like took my shield and Water Tunic. I could not retrieve it. My wallet was not big enough to buy a new one. So I had to go ahead and finish without it.

  4. We were at a restaurant and the waitress came over and gave the standard greeting “welcome to….. can I start you off with some drinks.” I order a water and a drink and then looked at my date and said and whatever she is getting. My date then looked at me, looked at the waitress, looked back at me with a confused look on her face. So I asked was she okay or need more time to look? My date then clears her throat and ask me if I knew the waitress. I said no why, the date then went on a rant on why the waitress was talking to me and looking my direction when she should only be talking to and looking at her. I was shocked and was like, what? She then goes on about how if me and the waitress has something going on just let her know now. At this point I looked at the waitress and told her to cancel my drink order, apologized to her, then I got up and left. When I got to my car I blocked the dates number and everything.

  5. Have the magic bombs stick to an opponent like a halo plasma grenade.

  6. Cloud, Barret, Cid. Could exchange Cid for Red. No girls allowed (that includes Vincent, the big dopey emo girl). MAN PARTY

  7. Cherry Glazer’s version of “Territorial Pissings” by Nirvana.

  8. There is a reason why he is teaching and not working in the field.

  9. As someone who has seen a dog have his way with a cat he knows very well I would just say keep an eye on the dog when he’s around cats.

  10. I screwed up the post, I meant to ask does this mean we can say not to anything over 12 hours? Or is it just some more bullshit that manglement can shit on us with?

  11. On the NALC side we can go home or grieve for extra pay and ask for escalated remedy.

  12. 80s- The Wipers 90s- Jawbreaker 2000s- Libertines 2010s- Thee Oh Sees

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