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  1. It's really good that you are committed to supporting your existing customers even if the overall business is dwindling. I don't know exactly what your product/service is, but I would tell the existing customers that you plan to shut down the business in, let's say, 3 years and you'll continue to support them until then but that they should use the next 3 years to find some alternative to switch to.

  2. Travel, build a custom house, and retire early are about the only things I'd really consider long term goals. I really don't have any interest in kids and family.

  3. start a side hustle while you still have the income from this business. make it a passive one if you can. go with something you have an interest in, but don't choose your favorite thing. and look into ways of managing your adhd.

  4. I do make a bit of extra money just trading on Ebay, but never enough to really go anywhere with it. I'm not too worried financially right now, just worred about 10 years down the line more than anything since I have enough savings to live on for a while.

  5. You need to at least be able to say what your business is and why it is failing.

  6. It's not really relevant outside of it will be dead in a few years for sure.

  7. Definitely not something that could ever be revived. It's a product that has long since been replaced.

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