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  1. definitely looks like a thebe i wish that was his name

  2. sorry but luka and embiid are not over steph LMAO

  3. that thug will always be auto generated in my book

  4. It is a preferance though, everyone has taste. Food is a easy comparison. I hate mushrooms, but most people like them. It's the exact same concept for someone liking rap or not

  5. hating rap isn’t like hating mushrooms, it’s like hating an entire genre(?) of food

  6. You mean like people who hate everything spicy?

  7. I just don't like how It sounds. You're entitled to your opinion, but I just am not a fan whatsoever

  8. The fake click drums The fake vocals Most of the time the lyrics are just "i fuck girls and do drugs" Vocals just don't sound good

  9. yup you’ve never listened to a rap song before

  10. oversaturation, and how much it gets thrown in your throat, there's a lot of good modern rap, but you REALLY need to look for 'em

  11. hard disagree. tbh you really gotta look for the bad ones. everyone who says they hate rap always talk about lil pump and 6ix9ine as if they’re even slightly relevant

  12. this is such a stupid take. there was probably a similar proportion of bad rap songs to good rap songs as there is now. obviously we don’t talk about the bad ones

  13. you just admitted to never hearing a rap song before

  14. There is no NBA history before 2019 (when I started watching and following Luka bc he’s so likeable)

  15. i only started watching in 2021 and i started following josh giddey because he’s just such a likable guy… typa guy i’d let date my daughter

  16. Yeah, because casting POC for every single white character is totally natural and not forced at all. You're right

  17. white people aren’t banned from movies lmao it’s a fucking mermaid their race doesn’t matter

  18. Kinda missing the whole point, but ight

  19. your point is that every white character has been replaced by a POC which is obviously false

  20. If that really was the next splatfest I wouldn't blame them for not streaming it on the UK channel...

  21. i dunno if a 7’1 spider-man is ideal the dude can not hide anywhere

  22. Maybe he can go invisible like Miles Morales.

  23. id hope. he DOES have a major advantage in hand-to-hand combat with a 7’6 wingspan

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