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  1. SEAL Team 6, Sea to Air division is a GO.... launch me up Willy!

  2. The thin papery skin revealed on the broken piece shows it’s a sweet potato: not a (true) yam, not a cassava/manioc, not a yuca, not anything else. It’s a sweet potato.

  3. Is that not that dude who scamed his following with the millionaire token ?

  4. Personally I like to put them in capsules with gasgets, then put coins of the same type (usually by mint or weight) and put them in a bag, then in the hidey spot.

  5. I dont see the problem... just dont use Ledger Live and you are done. Theres multiple wallet interfaces for a reason... choice.

  6. WTH is Swan Bitcoin? Everytime I read posts like these its always some not in the top X number of exchanges type of exchange (not that the top X exchanges dont have issues because this could have easily been Coinbase, but at least with those you know they have a longer reputation time frame).

  7. I think the Eternal wallet is maintained better. I think because Emurgo or IOHK is releasing the LACE walet soon they haven't been maintaining Yoroi.

  8. Eternl is so far ahead of the other wallets its not even funny. All it really needs to be universal is two different UIs (minimal and the current "advanced" one).

  9. I'm really curious about Lace. Charles was talking about the idea of 1 wallet delegating to many pools so you could create "portfolios" and the ability to share them as well.

  10. Yea, I remember the portforlios talk in his "island" outline video for the future I think it was? Was a while ago, i dont remember which video specifically.

  11. I use CoinTracker and it’s been fine too. No major complaints

  12. Cointracker is garbage and it doesnt even hold water next to Koinly. But thanks for shilling it anyway.

  13. Yeah I noticed that problem when I filed my taxes last year. What software do you use ?

  14. Koinly is the only one ive found that properly supports centralized exchange accounts and private wallets. Its what I use. Its not perfect by a long mile but its the best of the ones out there right now in terms of getting it as close to right with minimal effort as you will find. You usually only have to go in and change some transaction types to get things correct.

  15. How can anyone notice at all then? If they can do this- wouldn’t a centralized bank be better to use?

  16. No, thats effective what they were. What is better is not to leave your assets on an exchange and move them into your own wallet immediately after purchase.

  17. Hopefully you double checked that the receive address on the exchange didnt change before you sent the second time right? Since its not guaranteed it will be the same receive address.

  18. Buy and use a hardware wallet moving forward. You could have just given away your Metamask password at that point and it would still be useless.

  19. He has used a lot of leveraged loans to buy BTC but I believe he has a low liquidation price like 3k or something around that number.

  20. They usually let you choose the year you paying for when you pay IIRC. AKA pay now for filing the tax return next year which is I think what you are asking about.

  21. ADA Handle is a really cool NFT that you can store in your wallet so you won't need to send a long chain of random characters as receiving wallet address. It has a $[name] format, and in most wallets, if you just type that as the send-to address, it will send to the address that has that handle. Some DEXs also use it to confirm your connected wallet and it's easier to check as opposed to looking at the full address.

  22. If im reading this correctly its tied to the address the NFT is stored in (which makes sense) but then if thats always the address being used to send to every time then that would make this a security loss overall due to address reuse.

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