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Harley Davidson drivers - are you aware that the vast majority of people vehemently *hate* the noise you make?

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  1. I hate the new obsession with digging up everyone’s history to see if people are 100% blemish free throughout life. Whhhhhoooo fucking caaaaares just staaaahhhpp. I’m all for growing as a society, but I’m also for giving people the space to grow in life and the allowance to fuck up, and the capacity to forgive and forget. That shit is also a virtue and currently is lacking in this generation.

  2. I agree that it goes too far. But there are some cases where things actually should be brought to the light and have consequences. I think that’s the good in all of that stuff.

  3. But that’s working at the extremes.. “if you’re not with us, you’re against us”… No. Just because I’m for a culture that values forgiveness and allows people to grow and learn by fucking up sometimes, and I criticize the practice of digging up people’s past and banishing them from their career, that doesn’t mean I’m not also for having standards and accountability either.

  4. I’ve found rear back ups more “useless” than front irons. I leave the front flipped up as reference in my Eotech window. Additionally if the Eotech batteries failed or the reticle couldn’t be turned on (break in) you can use the “empty” Eotech window as a rear combat sight to center the front sight and hit your target with combat accuracy. People make a big fuss about the Eotech not being always on for home defense. It’s fine. It takes less than a second to turn on and it still works without it being on if you have your front always up. Just my opinion.

  5. This will be interesting. Tattoos get you laid but this one…. Idk might cancel out evenly. So like you won’t be a virgin but you won’t get laid but you won’t not not get laid but also..

  6. wife is cool with it and I have two kids so I think I'm doing okay; heck I got laid this morning actually.

  7. So if it truly cancels out, something really bad is gonna happen then


  9. I don’t know the context but I probably would’ve sided with your friend as their points are basically identical to mine with my criticisms of the gun community.

  10. Already downvoted lol. This fucking subreddit

  11. Can’t believe they used the colors of the Russian flag for the slugs shame on them!!!!1!!

  12. I’m confused. I thought the confederate flag was only one color? 🤔🏳

  13. Just grab his penis and sing Numbers and tell him to feel bad about himself for not measuring up

  14. And then tell him your body count number.

  15. Make Believe sounds like Rivers was a highschool student in 21 jumpstreet

  16. Oh I agree. I’ve locked my knees out in many change of command ceremonies to know the variable of leadership on a unit. I still don’t regret it though. It’s your job your leaders and your attitude and what you choose to make of it. When I left A school my first sergeant said that “the service will squeeze every drop out of you. Remember to squeeze it back.” I squeezed back

  17. No lies. I was lucky. I would recommend. You wouldn’t. It really is luck of the draw

  18. I saw a guy haggle in a Bass, so it's possible. I just don't think there's a whole lot of wiggle room. Margins right now are really slim.

  19. You can but usually only if it’s a hard item to sell. Like say I’m a FFL and I can’t move this gun to save my life. Sure I’ll do a markdown on the item to get rid of it. But if it’s a good seller that I’m likely to sell soon at full price I’ll just say no and sell it to someone willing to pay full a week later. I used to work at HOme depot and employees can discount up to $50 without manager approval to keep the customer happy. They’ll get questioned about it later and harassed by the manager so they won’t be “happy” to do it… but it can be done if needed (ie you cry hard enough like a toddler and they don’t care about the item enough to push back)

  20. As liberal gun owner myself, this comment section is super interesting haha. People conveniently ignore laws one way or the other to fit their narratives and agendas. I don’t think he should’ve been there, he’s a dumbass, but it was legal self defense, and he was found not guilty. The state doesn’t own the rifle. It gets returned to its legal owner whether you like it or not.

  21. I don’t remember ever saying Kyle was or wasn’t the owner

  22. it’s prolly because it’s one of the songs that is the least guitar driven - it seems lot of this subreddit uses this as a crucial quality judgement factor

  23. Probably also because the lyrics mention being naked with a woman and the 40 year old blue album virgins can’t relate

  24. I used to skip this song all the time, now it’s a favorite on the album. Definitely a grower that takes time to come around to, but I really love it. Very unique sound and very heartfelt.

  25. These are all wrong. Drink with Rivers. Party with Scott. Blunt with Pat. Dinner with Brian.

  26. Even if it isn’t a great album PD is still very good, not meh, and I can listen to the whole thing without skipping.

  27. Pacific Daydream is overhated af. Rivers really nailed the songwriting on that album, and if the band just made some different production choices it would probably be seen as one of their better albums.

  28. The lyrics are actually really good on PD

  29. This is from the LOTR Return of the King deleted scenes

  30. Are these mods paying you rent for all that headspace? Geezus. We could make a separate subreddit specifically for crying about guitar mods at this point.

  31. I’ve been meaning to give make believe a proper listen. I do sense it’s overhated. I learned a long time ago that I’ve never heard an

  32. Hail to your righteousness. On my morning commute, some twatwaffle has strapped a full LED bar to the grill of their Civic (the version with a spoiler, obviously), and it literally burns a rectangle into my retinas for the rest of the drive. Every day.

  33. Can you put mirrors on the back of the backseat headrests? I know it’s illegal to have white light facing back but they never said you couldn’t have mirrors

  34. Losing a good chunk of velocity for the length of your palm isn’t a good trade at all imho. The 5.56 cartridge just isn’t an SBR candidate. B

  35. That’s kinda my whole point. There’s this obsession with long range shots beyond 250. I just don’t get it. I can’t imagine a single realistic scenario where that’s likely or velocity will be an issue.

  36. Wolf gold crew, assemblllllllllle 📣

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