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  1. Do their symptoms include the purchase of a large screen tv and snacks?

  2. Projection, Black Panther and Green Book both did well in China.

  3. Ha. As if they expect us to believe that Putin doesn't have off-shore wealth. To say nothing of the fact that, if that's true, there would be no need for such a pathetically shallow bluff.

  4. I would hate to be the banker that had to close down or even freeze Mr Putin's off-shore account then hand the funds to the yanks.

  5. I know they have to wait for contracts with their partners to expire first but I want HBO Max here in the UK now.

  6. Weirdly specific phrasing with the 93000 Bulgarians if it affects everyone in the EU.

  7. If the EU was a school then the Bulgarians are now the unpopular kids.

  8. Perhaps the more sensible businesses will take a look at how much rent, rates and service charges they are saving on office space with their staff continuing to work from home in the future.

  9. Shot every 4-6 months til the end of time. Vaccine card will look like a cvs receipt.

  10. But what discounts and coupons will you get with it?

  11. Japanese people don't control the border, the government does.

  12. If the same poll was given to where ever you are from, what will the results be?

  13. I am a brit, so it is going to be close to 50:50.

  14. "this just in, dinosaur stocks are suddenly plunging, down 32% after the open in response to a 'reddit post' by long-time user 'meowskywalker' who purportedly claims dinosaurs to be 'unsafe' in the home"

  15. Time to buy the dip then, I can get BD Wong to genetically engineer me a cuddle-saurus as part of my own petting zoo.

  16. 305,000+ active cases is relatively low?

  17. I made it in on a spouse visa back in April. It was very interesting having a Boeing Jumbo Jet to just myself and my family on a 13 hour flight. The stewardess just came up to us and said - sit anywhere you'd like.

  18. Did you and your family pretend you were on air force one and you were the president?

  19. That is largely because we have about 55% of our population boosted recently, with nearly all the most vulnerable getting a booster shot.

  20. There are cosplayers who made more of an effort than netflix did.

  21. It is the only current Star Trek series that still feels like Star Trek. Hoping Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will be good.

  22. A gene gun does exist and it can fire out DNA, RNA, etc. So potentially you could fire an mRNA vaccine into someone to fight the virus.

  23. You know things are bad when 692,320 cases a day can be considered good news.

  24. Given the lack of gravity, more floating around in space.

  25. I suppose asking why Covid is always one step ahead of the US response is better than asking why the US is always one step behind Covid.

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