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  1. Hes the forgotten child. There is something about him she doesn't like. Whether she doesn't think he's as good looking as the others, or that he is wise and not her dancing monkey....

  2. No, but you can bank on seeing him tomorrow. On his birthday, his mother described him as the troublemaker and ringleader.

  3. This is proof that either she or an assistant reads this sub. A couple days I ago I made mention about Carmen and her brothers dancing, with Carmen in the lead. She was bossing them around. She then twice tweaked her butt at the phone. This was before HB shut down her Instagram to only a select few.

  4. I just went a looked. Teaching toddlers to shake their butts is on Instagram hashtags #kidstw*****g. Twerking is a sexual dance but some on Reddit think people who believe this are ignorant. Twerking is a primitive form of seeking a mate. Carmen is teaching her younger siblings how to maneuver their private parts. We’re living in vulgar times and how this is allowed on social media is appalling.

  5. No. They will not be coming to see this new baby.

  6. I appreciate that. I'm a Didionphile, as well, btw. And a didionphileophile (?) in your case.

  7. ❤️ I miss Joanie so much. We’re losing these Giants of Lettres. We just lost David McCullough.

  8. 💓 l miss her. l miss Dominick Dunne. Do you think Alec could have escaped his scrutiny? Do you think Dunne would have had him in his writerly sights? I have no doubt in my mind he would have had nothing but contempt for the lot of them.

  9. Dunne would have eviscerated him. It would have gotten Graydon Carter’s attention.

  10. I’m on Team Ed the way I used to be on Team Mayo. She destroyed Mayo’s spirit and squashed his personality. Ed scores points because he sucks his thumb, that is until Mami swats his hand away. Fight back, Ed! You have a big set of lungs on you. Clear the room!

  11. She swatted his hand away!?!? So she gets him hooked on her dry teetas and then he moves onto his thumb and Mami says no !?!? 😡 😡 mad

  12. They were outside. He started to put his thumb to his widdle mouth and Mami pushed him away. It look like she swatted it but I think it was more of a flicker. God forbid the world would see her little free spirited Baldwinitos doing normal kids’ stuff.

  13. Yes, it takes enormous courage to purchase children. We need the Rust trials and civil suits to begin stat! because I’m getting bored.

  14. The civil suits are really gunna hurt him in the nuts.

  15. Co-opting the LGBT symbol for a toddler who has no idea what a rainbow is but Mami is there to pound it into her head what one is.

  16. These kids really have no friends do they? Siblings aren’t the same thing.

  17. I believe that is the reason Carmen won’t get a major hair cut. Plum has this naturally long curly tresses.

  18. and it could be why Mami obsesses over first it was Mayo and now Ed’s curls.

  19. If this indeed happen ( questionable that it did), then we have the perfect example of shitty parenting. First up- Carmen should not be randomly talking to strangers and second- when are these children around ‘strangers’? Carmen should have been taken aside and spoken to and in no uncertain terms the inappropriateness of her comment. Respect for others, including her mother, should headline that lecture. And wearing a thong when you’re pregnant??? Not buying it. And what does Ed have to do with it. The kid is too busy scrambling for crumbs on the floor.

  20. thank you for an actual answer people on here are mad hostile for no reason

  21. You’ve put the sub on the defensive because of the way you have aggressively formed your question, so people are reacting accordingly.

  22. Wow. wow. From the wife of the guy who didn’t need a lawyer present to explain how he accidentally shot someone and didn’t have the hired gun expert present who was supposed to hand him the gun— comes an explanation from his wife on why her baby looks so miserable. There is no lawyer present who would be able to explain that this baby is concentrating. If you look only at just her eyes, she is miserable. If you look at just the bottom half of her face, she looks disgusted. Her energy is one of defeat and frustration. But if Hillary is sure— if she is SURE that this is her baby’s “concentrating face”— and then on top of that, if she adds a laughing emoji “ 😂” then case closed, thank you for explaining she’s not “unhappy,” she’s just concentrating!

  23. The baby isn’t on a routine. It’s a free for all. No structure. No predictability. The baby is acting out because someone probably had her doing something she didn’t want to do because that’s what toddler’s do. They get mad. I just cannot imagine the din in that household. The crying, yelling, temper tantrums, the fights, the scuffles, the pandemonium. AB said he sometimes wants to send them to military school but his wife is ‘so patient with them’. Let me translate-since money has no meaning, every single thing that is destroyed can be replaced, including people. There is a team of people to clean, launder, cook, run errands, shovel shit, plus personal assistants who organizes schedules and does general office work. Meanwhile, HB just lets them run amok. The kids are her BBF. The Baldwinitos are FREE SPIRITS. She’s a LAZY sack of shit.

  24. Did he mention military school to them? Because they might stay up tonight packing.

  25. He said this on Stern’s show. I think in this particular case, AB’s instincts are right. The Baldwin household is The Lord of the Flies being played out every single day.

  26. She's trying to recreate the Baldwin brothers of the 80s but no one cares anymore

  27. The Baldwin brothers of the eighties were a mess.

  28. It's your choice to get up so early you don't have anything to do but these busywork tasks you decided to make a "look how awesome I am!" post about.

  29. She gets gas in the Hamptons, not in midtown Manhattan or downtown LA. You’re not suffering, Baldwins. I think this is a dig at her husband.

  30. Everyone is celebrating what Kanye posted. Am I the only one that thinks he needs to grow the fuck up? This is coming from someone who thinks the Kardasians are a blight on society.

  31. I have no idea what ‘Duexmou’ is but Saint Meghan Markle???😂

  32. Those are Apple trackers she has on their neck. Peppinos here have written multiple times The instructions specify they are not to be used on pets or children (which in Hillarys mind are two of the same category).

  33. They now make them for pets however I wouldn’t put one on my cat. Dog yes, not cat.

  34. Yes, Hilary, every living being pines for you when you leave.

  35. This is the right place to address this. Instagram likely holds the copyright to all its material (if not, then it's Hillary). If they are put up on any online publication, they can be recirculated endlessly.

  36. Hopefully not, I’ve stated that it’s not to lecture. I’ve also stated what I’ve watched & seen & why I believe so.

  37. I know you mean well because I can hear the earnestness in your voice. I appreciate your research and the reasoning you’ve put behind this. I just do not think it does any good. Hilary Baldwin has not only given permission but has actively encourage complete strangers to use her family’s photos. These are people who just sent her a gush letter and requests to use her children on Instagram pages to their own liking. And HB accepted. She just 🥰🥰😋it. Blurring or blocking out these children’s faces is an exercise in futility.

  38. It’s been around a long time. It’s become a classic of sorts. He also wrote ‘The Road Less Traveled’. It may be dated but some core truths remain.

  39. They’re not ‘obsessed’, you functioning illiterate. By using the word, ‘obsessed’ constantly, she’s devaluing those who are inflicted with clinical compulsive obsessive disorder. She’s mocking their mental illness. I swear, if I ran into this bitch on the streets, I’d love to tell her I’m OBSESSED with her and her kids, all while grinning, and with no show of teeth. I’d then yell Fuck Ya Poop! Of course I wouldn’t do this but I’d sure love it if someone would. Maybe, just maybe, she’d take the hint there are unsavory people who watch her. She is so dumb. You don’t get to live a normal life in a big city when you’re famous, or in the Baldwin’s case, infamous. It’s the trade off. Wish they’d move to Spain. She has nothing but contempt for this country and for Americans. Many actors live abroad and work. Case in point, George Clooney as one. Go away. I’m sure Spain would love advice on childrearing.

  40. He’s doing what I’d like to do to you after seeing you continue your sick af LIES of a life while exploiting each and every one of your store bought children.

  41. Nope. You just blurred the face. Same photo posted earlier.

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