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  1. Was your OGSE not powering on or was the battery just so bad that a used Apple battery with 84% health better than nothing?

  2. it “worked”, just it drained very, very quickly (70% to 20% in around 10 minutes)

  3. 14.4.1 due to iOS 15 taking up more storage on 16GB devices.

  4. Mini iPhone and mini logic board, neat.

  5. Not necessarily, I’ve erased before and had a good result. And this is a last resort after saving blobs.

  6. this is a 5S with a broken install of TaiG, erasing it will 100% nuke 8.4

  7. this is up to someone more skilled than me, pretty sure it will require restoring the filesystem via ssh ramdisks, it’s really messed up due to the broken jailbreak utilities, otherwise you can just update to iOS 12 (and then downgrade to 10.3.3)

  8. I love the simple, straight to the point colors of the original Apple Watch. It was fun and it had a pop of color.

  9. same with the iPhone 6 silicone cases, great colors!

  10. use period correct iTunes, anything below 10 should recognize it. If it’s on 1.0, syncing is broken unless it’s been activated in 2007 (which I doubt it was), you’d need to update it to 1.0.2 and hacktivate it again.

  11. Not anything with Android. Some Samsung, some Honor. Anyway Thinkphone offers something more than a basic Galaxy. Even something more than a Samsung S23 (and something less).

  12. Explain what it offers more. It looks like any other Motorola phone except earlier flagship specs and pricey. It’s pretty lacking compared to the S23 you mentioned.

  13. Thinkphone has a simpler Windows integration in my opinion (it means less work for IT department). Kevlar-like back (it means less broken phones to manage). There are some contract options designed for companies. Management tools (I haven't tested them, yet). And so on.

  14. The front screen is still glass, so they’re going to break eitherway.

  15. 3194 is an error regarding a firmware being unsigned. You cannot restore to unsigned firmwares.

  16. check third party repair prices, apple probably won’t cover it and if they do, you’d probably prefer to get yourself a M1 Air

  17. I definitely don’t want to spend a lot of money since I’m saving up for an M1 Pro 14 inch. I think the best option for me is removing the coating and getting an anti reflective screen protector

  18. Some vehicles do this. Pretty sure the Cherrier does.

  19. I’ve seen this happen on 6’s for some reason. A restore fixed it for me, however I’m not sure what to do here in order to preserve iOS 8, maybe someone else knows.

  20. looks like an otterbox defender but it’s not

  21. I mean yeah, it’ll just show an unknown part message. There’s also self-service repair where apple does the programming for you over the air.

  22. Interesting, didn’t realize that message was baseband related; I thought it was just some sort of activation related or “stuck in restore mode” type of alert. Thanks for clarifying.

  23. You can also notice the phone is stuck “Searching…” it’ll do this behavior without a SIM card too.

  24. How do you know the baseband is dead?

  25. “Restore Needed iPhone cannot make or receive calls. Restore from iTunes.”

  26. truly phone swamping and purchaser your smartest phone sounds great

  27. You should probably be more concerned about being overdrawn in your bank account and your significant other dumping you than your phone picking up a pair of AirPods nearby.

  28. I mean it was ordered from apples website. It has worked with itunes in the past

  29. Itunes wont detect it exists. Neither will my pc

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