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  1. Bro I'm thirty and I have Corgi themed sheets and blankets for my bed. If you like something like this go for it no shame at all!

  2. I'm 27 and I snuggle a pickachu sleeping buddy (like a cross between a pillow and a stuffed animal) every night. Lol

  3. I'm from California but I grew up a Packers fan bc my dad is from Eau Claire. His dad died young, so watching Packers football with him growing up was always a big deal, especially since my big brother hated sports. Packers games were also the only time I was allowed to have Mountain Dew. 😂

  4. This is now the 2nd time he's been caught getting violent with women. He needs to get cut, since this seems to be a reoccurring issue.

  5. These fat players don't last long in the MLB. Obviously there are some exceptions but, some of these guys definetly need to lose weight. You can't tell me that guys like Kirk, Vogelbach, and Manaoh can continue to play baseball at a high level at their size. Being overweight creates more likelyhood for injuries and the injuries last longer. Just look at Prince Fielder or Pablo Sandoval, these guys got old fast because they didnt take the proper care of themsevles. If your gonna be an athlete, you need to take control of factors that you can so you can be your very best, and weight loss is one of those controllable factors

  6. Maybe you should consider that it's not your place to talk about other people's weight? Manoah, Kirk, and Vogelbach know the data, they know the facts. They don't need a bunch of randos commenting on it.

  7. AS fan of the game, it just seems stupid to advertise on a jersey in any sport. There are plenty of advertisements all over if you go to a game, same if you watch it, plus commercials. Painted all over stadiums, it is all over as it is. Now they want to tarnish Pro Uniforms with ads to hope we buy more. Well, I am not alone in saying that you have different avenues rather than putting it on a jersey, and hoping while I was watching that sick ass double play on my T.V. no less, that I am looking close enough to see some logo and think, I need that right Now. F U, I am here for the game, the plays, and I'm sick of being Raped by your prices, and now you take the classy uniforms and Fuck em up with your logo. I Thought that was why they have commercials.

  8. You are an amazing person, an angel on earth, for saving Stuntman Mike! Thank-You! He’s adorable and definitely a JRT. Mine has a nubby tail too and I love it.

  9. It's local. My County Animal Control shelter uses 3 lists: green, yellow, and red. Green means good to go (usually recently received animals), yellow means they're in danger of going to the euthanasia list (usually animals who have been there a while and they're getting close to capacity), and red (the euthanasia list). Animals in the red list are either sick, aggressive, or have been there a while. They unfortunately have to euthanize animals whove been there a while of they reach capacity.

  10. The crime stats for Kissimmee are similar to Orange and Osceola Co as a whole. I'd take proper precautions, but don't get too worried about it if you're not near some of the older apartments and trailers along Irlo Bronson.

  11. There's Carlton Music Center (been there. Good selection of band instruments along with guitars and such. Can order things for you too.)

  12. I collect Topps and use the inserts as my bookmarks. Im using a Babe Ruth insert rn.

  13. What about kids who use their parents' account but have to live with someone else?

  14. Nah, be vocal in the OF. Leadership isn't just shouting plays, but also encouraging your team and keeping an eye on how they're doing emotionally. True leadership matters more in the dugout than anywhere else.

  15. My dad and I have been to the exact same number of mlb games and he's caught a ball 4 times and I have never caught one.

  16. I am, but I wish they swapped the life stage names. Infants should be when they're potatoes and baby should be when they do stuff.

  17. Microsoft won't stop pushing Brady articles on me via the new tab feature and I really don't know why. I dont even like Brady.

  18. I'm happy for him, but I dislike the design. They went hard for 21 and 22. Idk why 23 was a step backwards.

  19. Heh, I have held out from completing the Dad uniform, this might be the way to completing my fate.

  20. Lol they have all kinds of sneakers. From Dad sneakers, to skate shoes, to low profile running shoes, etc.

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