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  1. "Ich habe mich impfen lassen" is correct. The construction is called Ersatzinfinitiv (google), you replace the participle (here: gelassen) with the infinitive (lassen).

  2. Haha interesting! I find the phrase on a german-speaking subreddit (ich_iel) on a highly-upvoted comment so I would think they all at least got the gist OC wasn't meaning prostitution...would this make sense at least informally? Or maybe it's just slightly weird internet-German?

  3. Don't try to use ich_iel to learn German...

  4. I think they just were a little confused and accidentally mixed "auf den Sack gehen" and "gegen den Strich gehen" because of the "so was von" what is a common combination with both sentences but not mit "auf den Strich gehen"

  5. It was definitely intended as a joke.

  6. Die Konstruktion mit "mag + verb" geht im Prinzip und es gibt sie auch öfter mal in lokalen Dialekten, aber es ist nicht so einfach, wann das gut funktioniert, und wann nicht.

  7. I get that one to one translation are useless but what I meant is that how can I describe an event that happened inside another one. English makes it easy. You've used als in your example... Isn't wenn suited more since it's an everyday event?

  8. You'd use "während" ("while"):

  9. Lassen Sie mich zusammenfassen, und zwar auf deutsch um die Informationen festzulegen.

  10. C2 as in "I need a C2 certificate to be able to do X"?

  11. I need a C2 certificate in order to apply to my choice of university not necessarily become as good as a native speaker does, still it's quite important that I understand practically whatever is going on in german.

  12. I find this super interesting lmao. Is there any particular reason? Are they just studying people? Plotting their death in their heads?

  13. Google this sub, the "German stare" comes up every so often.

  14. It's really simple to make. I prefer to do it in the microwave, so it doesn't burn.

  15. And BTW, nobody would say "jetzt bist du hilfreich".

  16. Und die Wendungen sind "von Bedeutung sein" and "an Bedeutung gewinnen".

  17. Thank you. For people like me, sometimes in the course of learning a language we come across these "yes" or "no" questions. Sometimes they are not "yes" or "no" but have a lot more in them, other times they're in fact just really simple and even then there's no answer easily available. A matter of confirmation, a "yeah, that's it, you got it.". I'm glad Reddit offer a place to get feedback like this :)

  18. And the operative word is "roughly". Of course there are stylistic differences.

  19. Die Formulierung ist "an jemanden geraten", in genau dieser Form. Das ist kein Fehler, und sollte in jedem Wörterbuch stehen, z.B.

  20. Dass diese Formulierung falsch ist, war nur mein erster Gedanke. Der zweite Gedanke war schon aber richtig:

  21. an jemanden geraten = zufällig in Kontakt mit jemand kommen, der ein wenig suspekt ist, und schlechten Einfluss auf einen ausübt.

  22. If you can do it fast enough, that's fine, but you can't do that fast enough, put it in the cart. Then you can pack it without holding up the queue.

  23. I'm usually done before the payment terminal even asks for my card, so that's alright.

  24. I can usually pack a few pieces into my backpack before I start lagging behind...

  25. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren des Kundendienstes (if you don't know the Name of a specific person)

  26. Or just "Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, [main body of letter]".

  27. The problem with "Strich" is that it could be Bindestrich (hyphen), Gedankenstrich (dash), or Schrägstrich (slash).

  28. But as part of the hostname in an URL it's pretty clear what it is. And that's the part you usually talk about loud.

  29. Ich verstehe wirklich nicht, warum wir irgendwelche Texte von ChatGPT korrigieren sollen. ChatGPT hat nichts davon. Und wenn du der Korrektur von ChatGPT nicht vertraust, hat es auch keinen Zweck, deine Texte von ChatGPT korrigieren zu lassen.

  30. Those are correct. Yes, "sich treffen" (you learn verb patterns with the infinitive, and the infinitive always comes last) is the correct verb. Both

  31. Shouldn't this reflexive from the computer part? (Ich) verbinde (mich) [mit (dem)]/[zum] Server?

  32. Translations of computer messages are always bad, in particular if you have space limitations.

  33. Please do read up on the basics of German grammar. There are plenty of websites to choose from, and Duolingo doesn't do a good job teaching it.

  34. Multiple people who have been there, said it will take hours. Before that I thought being a huge hub would be an advantage.

  35. If Frankfurt is extremely busy, queues can be long, but that shouldn't be the normal state.

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