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  1. Try a blind cleric next time.... it'll bring up even more entertaining reactions from people like that

  2. A blind spell caster without something like truesight would be unable to cast most spells and would get disadvantage on almost every single attack they make.

  3. Given de Blasio’s relationship with the NYPD, I’m amazed that these were set up.

  4. If you can handle RPG maker games, To the Moon has one of the hardest series of gut punches I’ve ever seen in a narrative.

  5. Do you have an example of a CRPG that isn't like that? Because it's kind of their point.

  6. Some games ameliorate the problem by having each stat tie directly to an action in game. Obsidian is pretty good about this. If you want to pick locks, you upgrade your lock picking skill. If you want to hit people with things, you upgrade your melee skill.

  7. Yup that's pretty good, but I feel like if their problem is also massive dialogues Obsidian games might not be the way to go.

  8. To each their own. I’d rather have the Obsidian style 5 minute back and forth conversations over games that force you to sit and listen to someone monologue.

  9. I really like the way you designed the digital camo on your ship.

  10. What I’m getting at is that there’s always somehow a group of beings who decide piracy is a good idea despite historically EVERY piracy ring being wiped out within 12 months. Seems like you’d just give up the idea

  11. I think the piracy numbers that lower your trade value represent small ship (which you can’t see) piracy against civilian trade (which you can’t see).

  12. It comes down to themes, tone, and some small gameplay differences.

  13. The issue with any kind of group X can’t vote anymore laws is that group X inevitably becomes marginalized because their representatives stop advocating for them. You may not want stupid people to vote but I doubt you want a legally defined lower class based on test scores.

  14. Dashboard by Modest Mouse is pretty perfect too. It can get anyone bobbing their head

  15. I like Dashboard a lot but I’ve had friends tell me that they don’t like Isaac Brock’s ordinary singing voice. Float On is a bit more harmonious than most of their other songs so it’s usually a safer bet with a mixed group.

  16. He couldn’t be tolerant of his neighbors’ culture because they were loud one day a year?

  17. Not even. A raccoon will hold its paws up like it’s saying, “hold off on your hairless ape arm flailing and warbly nosies for just a sec. I’m here with my date and I’m going to hold this sewer grate open like a gentleman no matter how many times you make the box in your hand flash light at me.”

  18. No really, you’re not supposed to use it like a dislike button.

  19. Ah so that eliminates the possibility of him deciding to fuck with the bag more and potentially set off the bomb, right

  20. It does. He’s leaving. If they hadn’t tackled him by that point there’s no reason to tackle him once he’s on his way out. He’s not dangerous anymore.

  21. Everything you said makes sense and I agree with you on a literal level.

  22. Character should've died when she stopped Finn from going 1v99 against the First Order

  23. “Hey, you see those two rebel speeders that just collided at full speed in front of the giant drill laser?”

  24. Peggy Hill most definitely. People shit on her while loving Dale at the same time.

  25. The writing for Peggy is a little inconsistent. When she’s the central focus of an episode all her worst traits come out and she’s insufferable.

  26. I don't want it reworked. I want it removed.

  27. I'm switching to "Magic Item Brokers" as discussed in a thread I saw a while back. You looking for a magic item? Well, they're rare, and so expensive they generally aren't sold in standard shops.

  28. There are really solid and easy to use mechanics for this in both Xanathar’s and Saltmarsh. They differ slightly and I personally the Saltmarsh variant.

  29. Being able to redirect lightning does not mean they’re faster than lightning, just like a baseball player hitting the ball cannot move at 90mph. They’re reacting to the movements of the bender they’re fighting.

  30. Honestly, kinda scary that people don't realize I'm joking. Zuko would be so fast that it would call into question how he ever lost a fight since everyone else would be standing still.

  31. I’ve just seen so much wacky nonesense that until someone says “I’m joking” I just assume they’re serious. Plus, tone is hard to read.

  32. It's not a conspiracy theory that the source code on my QR Vax passport had slots for up to 8 boosters?

  33. It’s been public knowledge that boosters may be necessary since before the first shot was even available to the public. Leaving space on the card is just sensible.

  34. What are you talking about? I’m just telling you why your card has multiple lines on it.

  35. You’re conflating actual infantry groups with what you see in video games.

  36. Fantasy adventuring parties are the protagonists of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

  37. BF2 is one of my favorite games ever so here’s some on-topic fun facts:

  38. The Joker may have insisted he wasn’t insane but that’s for the state to determine, not him. Seems plausible he’d be judged to have some form of mental illness given his actions.

  39. All his actions show forethought and planning. He seems perfectly lucid and is never confused about what is real or the consequences of his actions. I don’t think he fits the legal definition of insane.

  40. Why do I feel like he would have thrived and would have had everyone in gen pop working for him before long. The man was playing 4d chess while other villains were playing checkers.

  41. He’s really not that smart. He does some advanced planning that people wouldn’t expect but most of his schemes aren’t that complex.

  42. USA. Chugging beers and trying to smash a foldable table by jumping on it.

  43. You’re talking about the USA halfway through the night. USA shows up acting snooty as fuck. They make snide remarks about the host’s decor, acts like hot shit for bringing a couple bottles of overly sweet Californian wine, and when Russia shows up they elbow Canada in the ribs and go “I bet he’s getting wasted tonight.”

  44. I think this game only hits the mark if you’re familiar with the shooter genre. It is a subversion after all.

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