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  1. Damnation - Opeth hands down The opening notes of windowpane always make me act up

  2. Leaked footage of Aloy riding a Thunderjaw in Horizon Forbidden West lol 😂

  3. Metal Hell is my favorite but Super Gore Nest is easily up there with these songs

  4. That Song is why one of my Lifegoals is to learn how to Play the piano

  5. When I got a little more proficient at playing piano, this song was definitely my go to. Well, actually, the reprise version of it.

  6. He was the reason I learned to play finger picking guitar and why I found a love for classical style guitar

  7. (Don't Fear) The Reaper is definitely the best song I've heard by Blue Öyster Cult.

  8. When I saw Trivium for the second time ever and they played the song Shogun in its entirety.

  9. I'm with on the message on Nowhere. I genuinely do, I've never thought of Rise Against as being some underground never produce their music but, something about nowhere musically just really doesn't sit with me as a long time Rise fan.

  10. three of these have never been played live, we should show this poll to the band lol

  11. Not gonna lie Sometimes Trivium music videos are kind of boring. It's always them just playing in a room, which is fine but I feel like their songs can tell so many things and can be more creative.

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