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Mick Gordon posted a new response concerning the issues with the production of Doom Eternals OST

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  1. When you're a little kid trying to watch a magic bullet infomercial and this pops up every commercial and you want turn off the TV because you hated this commercial.

  2. Ngl sounds a little rough but man, is it so cool to finally hear this even just a little bit live 😭

  3. I hope all the idiots who harassed and talked shit about Mick feel fucking stupid now

  4. Man was I honestly disappointed with the facts shown at the time when Marty first posted, but jeez reading how Mick's into was thrown out there was sickening.

  5. The Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories GBA commercial playing in my elementary school ☹️

  6. Dude, they're bringing out deep cuts... I really hope they come to the states with this many bangers!

  7. I play a local radio station that plays a variety of jazz throughout the week and blues for a majority of the weekend and I got reported for "disturbing radio" lmao

  8. Sudden Life and Nowhere Generation. Of their whole catalog, those are the only two songs I actively skip. Some of their other songs can be meh but, those two just... Honestly just so tacky.

  9. I think I've answered this once before, I just don't like it when they talk to like they now me. It just feels off.

  10. I've gotten a lot of bands setlists and usually the long lines or lines between songs are usually when the band breaks/engage the crowd and promote/tell a story about a song or something along those lines

  11. I love the Dream Eater theme I genuinely liked playing with all the Dream Eaters my second time understanding and playing DDD

  12. I’m lost on what to do in this game. I’ve played all but this one which is confusing

  13. Honestly, it took a me a honest second try to really enjoy the game because.

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