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  1. Anyone who downvotes this doesnt drive that stretch of 161 on a weekday at 445pm

  2. Disgusting health inspections. Enjoy!

  3. Must use by meaning travel completed.

  4. That area is prime for another Bridge Park type of development.

  5. Except that no one in that area can afford anything like Bridge Park, and anyone who could afford Bridge Park would not want to live in that area.

  6. It doesnt have to be as expensive. There are ways to build such communities, they just wont be as profitable which turns developers away sadly.

  7. Have you taken any nutrition or dietetics courses? I am assuming you took biochem and microbio at higher levels for your degree? How about anatomy and physiology? I am not sure what a mol gen degree requires.

  8. So I’ve taken biochemistry, a few different microbiology labs and lectures, pathology, anatomy, organic chemistry 1 and 2, a few psychology and neuroscience classes, and then my genetics classes. The genetics classes that are the most relevant are probably cell biology, developmental genetics, and human genetics. I’m signing up for a nutrition class for summer semester since I have to take one more class then to graduate. I’ve always been really passionate about nutrition, so I’m constantly reading research papers and case studies. I feel like I have a good grasp on the basics, but I have a lot more to learn. I’d really like to learn a lot about how diet relates to mood, different health conditions, more about your hormones, the brain, etc.

  9. I am not in the field and don't know the current state of things. That said, I would ask a lot of people a lot of questions and dont rule out another year to get that degree as there me be options you arent aware about i..e online Master's or something. Best of luck, you have chosen an area that is REALLY interesting and impactful in my opinion.

  10. You picking me up tomorrow? Because I’m about to pretend to have a partner you can remind me about the whole time.

  11. I will never sit in 10C again. Lesson learned a few weeks ago.

  12. I'm flying to NYC for Valentine's Day!

  13. You'll have a part-time job to get to your full-time job.

  14. No no, the drive to and from woek will be like a PT job. You are wasting hours a week for pay.

  15. Which senior bowl? College seniors or AARP seniors?

  16. Took long enough to do what we all knew was coming.

  17. There’s a group of mostly Marriott hotels right on airport property. You take the Skytrain (free) to what’s called the GICC. You can spend anywhere from $150-500 for a night stay, it’s very safe and free tram ride to/from the hotel back to terminal. I stay there frequently when I have very early AM flights.

  18. $200 for a room and shower and dont have to leave the airport? Phenomenal business idea.

  19. I wholeheartedly disagree about Atlanta TSA having been a disaster for quite some time.

  20. Here I will disagree. Precheck is WELL worth the hassle of not needing to removing shoes, laptops, belts. Etc.

  21. I don’t think you even need to remove anything with the new scanners right? Or do you still need to take off your shoes? That might be worth it for you I guess but to me it seems like a lot of money I just wear shoes I can slide on when I fly lol.

  22. We need this again. (Without the tragedies) let it snow!

  23. Yes. I need to apply for an IT job there so I can fix them.

  24. Mine was 52k from dtw to cmh yesterday....literally 22 mins in the air on that flight.

  25. Do I ask for a referral from my dentist or the person I want to go to?

  26. Yes, it has been doing this a lot the past several weeks. Awful.

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