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  1. Normally, cameos are uplifting or funny, but because Christine & Janelle travelled during Covid & endangered his tender-aged children, nothing is funny or uplifting anymore. All of life is a barren wasteland after the deathlike, kidney-stabbing experiences those bitter housewives have put him through.

  2. Yeah, definitely wasn’t him or Robyn, the only unvaccinated of the bunch that were of danger to the kids or anyone else for that matter!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the information. I had a boyfriend who used to clerk for the court in St. Thomas and I visited a handful of times during his clerkship…and the “are you related question” is on point. I felt like everyone was related there!

  4. St Croix and St Thomas both have approx 40k people, everyone is someone’s 2nd cousin, especially by marriage. If you start looking at the government website you start seeing the same 3 last names…

  5. Active FB groups are What’s going on St Thomas, St John Travel and Life, The St Croix Life those are the largest and most active on all islands.

  6. With her? In the video no, but, she NEVER makes a video with JUST Kiaser.. she’s one time made a birthday post, and it was him opening his “present “ of hostess cupcakes. Big wow! No anything of just Kiaser. Yes she has him. I’m sure he does visits with his father but still.. she could care less about that poor child. He’s going to notice soon about how Jave and his sister are always posted with her alone..but never him. He’s like the nothing in her life and it shows.

  7. She literally pushes Kaiser away in videos. That kid is going to be a huge ball of rage.

  8. So they are transferable? Someone else said they weren’t which sounds crazy.

  9. No, these are transferable. There is a small allocation of game day tickets available by lottery that will not be transferable. They can sell these.

  10. It all started with "the jab" but I think they just don't want mandated reporters seeing their children so they don't take them to the doctor.

  11. COVID shots would have been AFTER they decided not to vaccinate their children, so I’m not understanding how they correlate.

  12. Is this a filter or is this baby grey?

  13. i do not want to see her. i don’t think she’d really mind if i was there considering she doesn’t visit too often. i take it upon myself to leave i love my alone time :)

  14. Your youngest child is in college, so you would not be a single parent. This is a weird thing to say.

  15. That’s what happens when you have the cheapest tickets

  16. Frontier airlines! $19 flights to Vegas and Phoenix from Seattle.

  17. Why is this question about “girls”.

  18. His social media shows he is with the same person he has been dating for several years, so I have doubts about this.

  19. Wow so she’s a normal ass woman who solved her own problem without having to call an assistant to door dash her tampons due to her period starting unexpectedly.

  20. I think it’s actually going to depend on how she and her sisters relate.

  21. There is a pretty large age gap between her and the sisters, I wouldn’t think there would be relatable content in their lives until she is in her 30s.

  22. Yeah I said relatable, like family and kids of their own.

  23. I know I'm old, but I have absolutely no idea what's going on in any of these shots.

  24. Me too. I don’t even know who this person is. I stopped watching before this person and that other Cheyanne lady people talk about so I have zero knowledge of how they came to be. I have no idea how these people are “OG” at all… these are not OG moms.

  25. Oh look… you found my shirt. Thank you.

  26. Not that I would defend them ever, in any way shape or form but there’s nothing wrong with a cat from a pet store, the people there are volunteers from a shelter nearby usually. I know this because I do volunteer at a shelter and I usually go to the pet store to look and clean after the kitties. That’s it, I just wanted to put it out there that there’s nothing wrong with getting a furry friend from a pet store 🧡

  27. Ummm… wtf. No, the people working at a pet store are paid employees. I have never heard of any volunteer just going to a pet store. As a business owner, I can tell you there are federal employee guidelines and rules that do NOT ALLOW you to just have unpaid “volunteers” in your place of business, you can’t just go volunteer at a for profit pet store. That is a huge concern for the company, a liability to the other employees and animals and a huge violation of other employee standards and rights as well as so many different violations of your insurance that would cover your employees, the animals or building if one of those “volunteers” fucked up and someone got hurt or something happened. I have no idea where you live but you are truly the exception. This is NOT normal at all and very much against the law. I highly suggest you stop doing it.

  28. Seriously? PetSmart and petco always have shelters bring their cats. I’ve lived in 3 different states and both of those stores always have some sort of shelter there. I mean im not making this up lol it’s legit, for example I volunteer at a PetSmart for a shelter and idk how the liability thing works but I’m a volunteer, I have nothing to do with the store other than I go there to let the cats play outside of their condos and clean their little box and feed them. That’s why I was saying there’s nothing wrong with getting a pet from a store, it doesn’t always mean you’re buying an animal.

  29. I love your example is pet smart and petco… way to make sure your example of great animal care got across. Wow. Do some research please and stop commenting. You just look dumb and you are wasting your time here and at those horrible animal farm places.

  30. I wonder what Robin will be like as a mother in law to her most precious Daytons partner

  31. My mum was that DIL let's just say it doesn't end with your son and his family going to your funeral or anything else for the past 20 years

  32. I’m sorry, I don’t know what that means

  33. That's a good point about the door, I was actually waiting for more kids to come out! She just leaves it ajar with her kids out there by themselves and stomps back into her building?

  34. As a recovering alcoholic, I agree. The late mornings in bed, the dissonance from her kids, the fixation of controlling the only thing she has control over (her weight), the need for outside validation, the dependency on others and kids making her happy, the excuses for everything, the stories that don’t make sense, the glimpses into her night life, wearing the same clothes all the time, disorganization… these are all tell tale signs.

  35. Thank you! 4 years and 6 1/2 months now!

  36. Daddy has some mucked up teeth for sure.

  37. You have a very distinct name. I think you should use Darby Harmon design. It’s catchy and very much not like anything I have heard. Brand yourself.

  38. I don’t understand what she is trying to say. Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the sentence structure?

  39. Super confusing run on sentence/thoughts but here is how I would “translate” it back to basic girl English

  40. Chelsea also thinks her sense of style is ""south Dakota glam"" which apparently means animal hide rugs and painting things black. The whole show's concept is ridiculous. They have no business being on HGTV.

  41. It might be in South Dakota, but that’s a very niche market. Everywhere else would describe the style as grotesquely gaudy and hobby lobby basic.

  42. Seriously. Whitewashing stone, peel and stick wallpaper, bold designs on entryway tile, all of it feels so dated already.

  43. Every home is going to look dated if it’s not someone’s personal style. My moms house hasn’t been truly updated in thirty years but she has a very eclectic and fun clean style so it still looks relevant. Does that make sense? People who just live in pre decorated tack houses are always going to look dated.

  44. No I’m west coast. So that would be four am for me

  45. It’s 3am west coast, I am in the PNW and it’s well worth it getting up and doing it from a desktop the next time you go! I have always had great experience!

  46. I’m in Arizona so not the same time zone as you. Either way I’m sleeping at that time

  47. Well, if you don’t want to have to book 3rd choices, unfortunately that’s how you have to book reservations now.

  48. add 200K to that price and get a 1500sqft house in austin… sigh

  49. I feel you… 40 year old tear downs start at 850k around me in Seattle. Have no idea how people do it.

  50. Close but no. The church of the first born of the fullness of times (better known as just the church of the firstborn no relation to Morrisites which has the same name and was always confusing to me) is the LeBaron family. Ervils father Alma was the prophet, followed by his brother Joel, then Ervil split and tried to take followers from their 3 Mexican compounds after he staged a coup and had Joel killed. Ervil started the church of the firstborn lamb of god and commanded his 19 year old wife as well as his stepdaughter to murder Rulon.

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