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  1. Defensive Passing Game Coordinator

  2. I’m confused, don’t get me wrong I know FedEx field sucks but why is it being highlighted in this article ? The title makes it sound like he cancelled the entire tour, not just a performance at FedEx field

  3. It’s from a local reporter

  4. What the fuck was that ending lmao

  5. Eagles D: I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye

  6. My brother in christ, the location and date of this year’s WrestleMania has been

  7. Mine is the second one. This is the best poster of the saga imo. I wish I could have a 4K version of it !

  8. Here's a high resolution version of Poster 2

  9. Shit. His kids were with him.

  10. I think I read something about him driving his kids to cheer practice when it happened.

  11. Wow Laurel Maryland? Literally live 25 minutes from there

  12. It was Laurel, Delaware, which is where both Briscoes are from.

  13. I think Day 1 = travel to Cincy, Day 2 = game day, Day 3 = travel back home.

  14. It's general practice to just fly back right after the game.

  15. yeah but this is a situation where he wouldn't be able to fly because it could potentially aggravate his injury

  16. Imagine being an NFC East team and not making the playoffs

  17. I wouldn’t know what that’s like right guys?

  18. Costco hot dogs are elite tho

  19. I would stay away from Bieniemy, Reid's coaches do not have good track record as HC's

  20. He’s being rumored to be the new Offensive Coordinator

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