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  1. I loved the Rancor’s outburst during today’s episode. Everyone freaks out and backs away, then Boba’s like “Chill guys, it’s all good.” LOL

  2. I know that’s actually Boba on the right but I’m kinda cracking up b/c it looks more like Doom Guy.

  3. you are not wrong...I forgot the belt and wrist launchers in paint...and the bucket is worse...

  4. Palpatine has returned in legends quite a few times. But they somehow handled it better

  5. yep, the whole facing the clones was way better than Palpi hiding in a cave making clone puppets

  6. People did exist. The Doctor just viewed them from a non-linear POV. Like going back to the start of the story.

  7. Red hair and a hand-me down robe (top/shirt/whatever); she must be a Weasley...

  8. Herman Granger=Matt Murdock-Andrew Garfield Hybrid if Harry and Hermione were his parents

  9. THIS IS GREAT! I will take this into consideration, especially the whole "gate"-thing. Thank you so much <3

  10. Yo why he look like bill nye the science guy’s brother that ate tide pods thinking they would taste like a jolly rancher

  11. I never half as expected it to end like this, so mundane yet beautifully. I though it would be a group hug or group op photo or smthng...There couldn't have been a better line or ending mimicking our feeling for HP better than this...

  12. They probably did have sex... He probably did a lot of fingering where he used his whole arm. Maybe he put his sperm on his arm to impregnate her.

  13. Yeesh! Do you wanna describe the sperms doing freestyle as well!? Why do you have to get so vivid for? Now my mind cannot un-think the process and baby giant being born!!!

  14. I think there'd rather be artefacts or herbs than potions. Like there were herbal supplements to morph physiology or breath underwater in Goblet of Fire Triwizard tournament...

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