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I saw was hiring for a content creator, so I made this commercial for them and applied. Think I'll get the job?

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  1. Do you actually need to carry a gun? Many zombies where you live?

  2. do you not value your own life? do you have nothing to protect? are you always safe and aware? are you capable of your own self defense against an armed or superior opponent?

  3. But you only need a pistol because the guy next door has a pistol just incase!

  4. We have a bag that has a section for the poop bags, pockets for rolls of bags and a zip for treats, all on a belt or a strap for over the shoulder

  5. Unsure what you mean by IPTV provider, a third party service?

  6. I wonder if the woman in the photo is disgusted or secretly thinking that's her jam.

  7. Given the population of Hebden bridge is mostly lesbian I think she's planning to attend

  8. So you're seeing duplicates of all of your photos?

  9. It seems to be fine now, got to about 7000 left and stopped

  10. For those wondering, sharks enter a state called "tonic immobility" when turned upside down. Their muscles relax and their breathing becomes deeper. Once turned right side up they snap out of it and return to normal. This does not harm the shark.

  11. Quite handy, imagine if sharks didn't have this 'feature' would be a completely different video

  12. 700 million litres a day I think is Thames Water’s current leakage.

  13. Back in the early 2000s I worked for a civil engineer company that won part of the contract to fix leaks, how are they still doing it 20 years later!!!

  14. Also looks like the driver broke his elbow while bracing for impact when I tried going frame by frame. Gnarly.

  15. Why the hell did I just recreate your steps! I mean science is good and all but damn!

  16. For some reason I read it as Nipple 'O' Dean until I read your comment with the 'n' capitalized. Now I read it as Nickelodeon.(OP edited nippleodean to nippleodeon)

  17. If you are interested you can see more photos & even a sample of the that course on

  18. My aunty bought a focus RS meant to be limited edition and keeps it in her garage in one of them sealed airtight blow up things hoping for a stack of cash down the line

  19. Honestly, in the time it would take to code up an MQTT Discovery channel, you could just copy/paste the various config blocks.

  20. I finally got the json_attributes_topic/template working so this was the closest answer.

  21. Booked in for hull after getting in on the pre release, gonna be amazing

  22. I did something similar in 2016, was going on a first date but she wanted to meet me first to make sure I wasn't a creep. I said sure meet me at the indoor snowboarding place half way between our houses.

  23. You ever been in a sauna or hit tub with Germans or Scandinavian men? They will get naked in public no problem

  24. I once searched for some glasses now pretty much every other advert is for goggles4u. I do not want any cheap ass glasses anymore, I went to Asda for a reasonable price but it's been years now, won't go away!!!

  25. If you add games you totally have to do the band from chuck rock

  26. I've been having DNS issues that can usually be resolved by a disconnect and reconnect on a device (usually a fire TV stick!). Could this change help with that?

  27. My ex is a careers advisor, can confirm, spawn of the devil, 0/10, would not recommend

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