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Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (10-7) at Tennessee Titans (12-5)

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  2. Would be a great hire. WR coach is mostly a recruiting spot and he’s got a fantastic track record.


  4. He’s not an on the field coach. TJ Rushing coached corners last year (Elko coached safeties) and is listed as the DB’s coach.

  5. Rushing missed a big opportunity not coaching outside linebackers.

  6. No harm at all in bringing him on as an analyst. Always had a soft spot for Bobo


  8. We might not have the worst fans, but we’re close.

  9. Asking honestly: Was this expected? UGA Twitter seems to be having a meltdown about this. I really can’t say I know much about Burton (I didn’t pay a ton of attention to any time besides UA this year for personal life reasons).

  10. We have spoiled fans. And downvote me if you want, I will stick by that till I die.

  11. Over the last 26 seasons, the Cincinnati Bengals have been to more conference championship games than the Dallas Cowboys

  12. Love the Bengals. They were a UGA pipeline there for a while.

  13. This is even rock bottom for this extremely underachieving program. Once all the decent players bailed on him last year, I knew it was over. Why the hell is Brooks keeping him around? Who the hell knows! It’s obvious this club just needs to be scrapped and completely reset.

  14. The NFL had the rule foisted upon them by the Colleges, it’s very much a college rule

  15. Hawai’i’s athletic department sounds less than ideal to work for.

  16. Not less football. 80 teams are still playing. About the same as this years bowl season

  17. This isn’t really a surprise since everyone got an extra year of eligibility

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