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  1. eszopiclone is Lunesta. 3-6mg is a life saver when I cant sleep.

  2. RIP Chick Corea. The way he plays over these changes is perfect. Beautifull quartal voicing throughout just to keep it open for all the beauty that came from his right hand. We will all miss you and your inspiration.

  3. Can't wait to hear about these new notation systems unless you're just talking about the numbers that I'm using instead of the Roman numerals forgive me for not being as meticulous I can only hope that you play as articulate as you tend to correct others punctuation. Again I'm sorry for saying that just some of the stuff you're saying is completely out of line and and homonym attack you're not attacking my arguments you're just attacking my tiredness you know it's not like I don't care about this stuff I just read a comment about someone talking about wildflower and I just spent a half an hour writing out the chart analyzing it for him cuz he didn't understand it and trying to explain it to him now I can't find the goddamn post and I want to send it to him. So it's not like I don't care about being right I want to be corrected when I'm wrong I just don't want to be corrected for stupid things that obviously I wouldn't do in public or otherwise do if I was writing it down you're you're really grasping at low hanging fruit and building up these straw men that just attempt to make me look bad where most of the people see right through that shit because my hard work speaks for itself, I mean if I found myself getting agitated with someone deep down I would have to look at that and see either spite and some kind of weird anger maybe I remind you of someone that's annoying and I apologize for that my ADHD sometimes gets the best of me not that that's an excuse but maybe this could be an opportunity for you to better yourself and the same for me so why would you waste it opportunity for both of us to become better people we should try to be having a dialogue like adults not trolling each other like internet children this is why the species is going to go up and fucking smoke I guess I can't blame us we're still primates after all. I even find myself getting agitated. It's just the tribal nonsense music brings people together I used to love playing gigs and being on stage and having my fellow saxophones be like yo Dom listen to this and he'd rip this fucking lick and I'd be like how the hell did you do that he's like oh I'm working on my autismo or I'm working on this scale and I'm like oh show me show me and we would just bounce ideas off each other and you know what happened we didn't get jealous we became better both of us became better and happier that's how it's supposed to work man that's how adults are supposed to behave

  4. You are free to check me out on Spotify and judge my articulation yourself.

  5. I promise, i usually am. That night I was just voice dictating. Either way, i am grateful for the advice.

  6. For sure! Mine gears towards horn players specifically but it is open to all!

  7. My primary instrument is the sax. Te piano and guitar coming in second and 3rd so im looking forward to it.

  8. I'm in the process of doing the same. I'm sure we can learn a lot from each other.

  9. Thanks a lot for your suggestions and solid explanation. I will test it and then I come back to you and tell my experience. Much appreciated!

  10. You're very welcome I hope it all goes well I look forward to hearing from you

  11. Yes dominant chords meaning the five chord of the main key takes a mixolydian scale although as I've said before the foundation of music is tension and release so when you get to such a tense chord and I'm sure you already know the reason that the dominant chord is the most tense chord is because it creates the tritone it is the even split of the octave. Because of this when it comes to the five chord you pretty much can play any bloody scale you want and in most jazz communities nobody will have a problem with this it's only on a literal technical front that certain scales go with certain chords but for the five chord you could literally play the whole tone scale the altered scale which is the seventh mode of melodic minor it's it's got the flat 9 the sharp 9 the sharp 11 the flat 13 it's got everything now the reason it's so acceptable is because it's all about how you resolve it once the one chord comes so if you are able to resolve it to the one cord all of that dissonance that you played intention kind of got dissipated not to sound gross but it's kind of like having sex you know that tension and release it has to go somewhere as for secondary dominance which are dominant chords that are fifth above other diatonic chords besides the one chord those chords get somewhat similar scales the 5/7 of 2 gets a mixolydian flat 13 the 5/7 of 3 gets a flat 9 flat 13 the 5/7 of 6 gets a flat 13 I believe I'm know I'm I know I'm messing a couple of these up the reason that they get those alterations is because those notes are actually in the diatonic scale so for instance I wish I could play this in front of you right now but for instance if you're playing a 5/7 of two and the key of c which would be an A7 that A7 would get every note that's in the d major scale which would be a mixolydian flat 13 now a lot of jazz musicians throw the flat nine in there too and who's the stop them like I said as long as they resolve here pretty much in the clear as far as tritone substitutions which are dominant chords which are a half step above their target cord so instead of G7 to c which would be a five to one it would be a d flat 7 to c which is a half step above now it's a little hiper sounding and the scales that go with those kind of chords are called mixolydian sharp eleven or lydian flat 7 it all depends on how you want to look at it but mixolydian sharp 11 makes a little more sense and these are all to let the ear know that they are not the primary dominant chord I hope that helps

  12. Musterdglazed tittyvolcano with addedd hot and sticky lava. The sighting was winessed in 200 by 6,000,000,000. All went home covered in fertilizing plasma. sad state of affairs. BUT, if I had happened to be driving by, I would have ro have stopped to due my duty to get a jizz for the time.

  13. Wayne is in my top3 for sure. People have asked him how he writes and he likes any revolving composer over his times, he builds on what he came up with. Then look what he did with miles, then speak no evil, then ju-ju which is one of the only whole tone based pieces I know. Then check out Eric dolphy and holy shit. I used to be a radio DJ at the jazz station here in my city and it was The late shift from 9:00 to midnight so while everybody else had to play certain things that were kind of corporate and bought and paid for I got to pay play whatever I wanted I would bring in my own stuff from home made a huge library and then in between songs while it was talking I would play really dark drum and bass like really hardcore like just deep dark drum and bass just for a little momentum. The show was called Spirit of the moment and it began because every month the station would invite our band down and we would do a different jazz artist each month so one month we would do a mile show and then a herbie show and then a Stevie Wonder show and it was really a great experience. Just remember everything builds on the past causing effect Wayne shorter's compositions didn't just come out of The ether they were precipitated out by necessary and sufficient causes due to culture at the time drug use etc I mean look at Nefertiti I play that song once a day just as a warm-up and that's a beautiful beautiful ballad just like infinite. seriously though check out Joe Henderson in her urge that whole album pretty much even his rendition of night and day is a great reharmonization. Have you ever tried reharmonizing a piece of music I did it with naima and a bunch of other ones and it's very rewarding because it's reinventing a song without pirating it I mean even Bob Dylan said that Jimi Hendrix did his version of watch all along the watchtower better than Bob Dylan himself which is a very humbling thing to say on Dylan's part what else if Wayne shorter Pinocchio fall think that was miles but we ain't shorter played on that fall was awesome because there was no solo same thing with Nefertiti it just it just drowned on and on very psychedelic very hypnotic fantastic stuff

  14. Thanks for your answer. I continue to have trouble analyzing a Wayne Shorter lead sheet like Wild Flower. I'm told it's because it's modal music. I would like to know how to analyze it.

  15. There you are I just spent a half an hour writing out wildflower and it's harmonic analysis and I'm trying to send it to you right now sorry for the painmanship and remember everybody interprets things a little differently if there's any questions you have just asked me and I'm happy to explain

  16. Be careful I just saw the moderator saying that you shouldn't be posting anything that you could potentially make money from I posted a short video of a song I wrote which I made zero money from and I'm sure that was included in their little rant I'm half joking but this is what I think this community is supposed to be about everybody teaching everybody these moderators being super anal is getting on my nerves I thought this was a community where we could talk about theory diatonic analysis theoretical understanding etc what's up with all this micromanaging. The people that really should be getting penalized are those that are throwing out ad hominem attacks plan simple with no substance whatsoever no theory no analysis of chord changes just complaining. I know I'm new but I hate seeing Injustice and this is just strange to me. I hope you are lesson continues indefinitely and I plan on watching it I'm a pianist as well and I look forward to learning from you

  17. That has another name it's called repression you can't deny humanity I don't care how holy you are even the Buddha in Jesus that angry it's called being a human being there will be something seriously wrong with those people if they didn't experience the full range of The human experience so when I hear crap like that it's just wishful thinking I know life is scary nobody knows what the fuck's going on we're all slowly decaying towards death just make the best of it enjoy the ride

  18. Kratom is amazing just like heroin and oxys it's amazing until you try stopping

  19. I'm having like a proliferation of arrows cursors just exploding all over the screen I end up having to turn the computer off and reboot it it's very odd I don't know if that's the same thing you're experiencing but something's going on

  20. I have a better chance of being struck by lightning five times

  21. No my friends human beings are just fucking weird

  22. I would have to say probably the delirience such as datura diphenhydramine and the like because they are so watery and you have absolutely no control at least with mushrooms even on a heroic dose you still have the sense that you are there with the delirience it is a nightmare

  23. Well yea, that's a tritone sub. OP is asking if he can take something like that and combine it with other common subs to get something new. To which the answer is, absolutely! You'll lose that satisfying chromaticism, but you'll trade some of that "satisfying" for a bit of "uniqueness", but modern music as a whole is currently trending towards that trade-off so there's definitely something to be said for it's appeal.

  24. I completely agree music is descriptive not prescriptive we make it what we want it theory just comes along after the fact and tries to describe it and make sense of it. I don't know if you've ever read a great book by David Bowie who was a physicist he wrote a book called thought as a system and it's not that his thesis wasn't that man created thought or that he was given thought prescriptively but that it just kind of organically came about and we set out to discover its systemic nature and describe it in a way that we could utilize it and manipulate it and that's exactly what theory is there is just for the most part trying new things but at its very core you know at least in the West tension and release the tritone and tonic subdominant and dominant functions are very much at the root and it's going to take us a long time to get off that bottle but just look at India they use quarter steps instead of half steps I mean they have a whole different year set up. I'm sure you've heard of people with perfect pitch. I know a couple and it's a living nightmare for them they can't see any movies or orchestras the littlest littlest thing that none of us would hear drives them absolutely crazy so I'm a huge proponent for relative pitch and you might think I'm a complete nut job but when I was in university I used you know how a metronome if you turn it to 440 it blasts that high pitched a 440 I used to put that in my earphones and just walk around the hallways in between classes listening to that sound so now I know that sound like the back of my hand so if anybody plays me a note I just compared that note to the a that I have ingrained in my brain and I am able to say oh that's a such and such and that's a much more manageable ear training to have I think because it's not as neurotic for lack of a better word you know it's helped me to be able to hear much more complex chords and the relationships between them this is why you're training is I think more important than even Harmony and why I think learning your intervals people skip over that shit but I think learning intervals understanding what intervals sound like understand what melodic intervals sound like what harmonic interval sound like with triads sound like these are so important I've had friends that were musicians that would just never had a day of theory in their life but their ears were so good they could blow the water out of everybody in the room because they could just hear everything the way that we were just trying to describe it with a concepts they were just intuitively hearing it so you're training is key and it is trainable it's not something that you have to be born with you can train yourself just like I did

  25. Seems harmonically disjointed to my ear...a bit like random chords.

  26. This is not a piece built on a single diatonic system. The repeating motivic pattern along with the repeating yet modulating root motion in at least 3 keys imo tells the story here. I find myself very influenced by multi tonic systems (most famously'giant steps'), which following your train of thought is extremely disjointed). I think if the tempo was quite fast that it may be a barrage on the ear but because of its slow tempo the constantly changing tonic systems are tolerable and haunting. Thank you for your comment though. Very grateful.

  27. Lovely. An excellently patient melody peppered with non-diatonicism. To me it has a kind of melancholic but hopeful feel to it which I really like. I’d love to hear this fully fleshed out with a band.

  28. They you for those kind words. I think your description of the sentiment is apt and only heard one side of the feeling. Forever grateful for your kind words.

  29. Well safer I suppose benzos have a very good therapeutic index as long as you're not mixing it with other stuff that's where the problems lie I think on its own fun as a Pam has a ld50 of 4,000 mg of kilogram some ridiculous number like that but put a glass of wine in there and you're probably gonzo.

  30. Oh my haha I’m glad to hear something good! Thank you so much!

  31. Longest half life of all the benzos. ~200 hours. If you have to do a drug screen or something like that and you think just using it once is going to get it out of your system within a couple weeks you are wrong just one or two tablets can last up to a month your best bet is to take a short acting benzo like alprazolam or lorazepam. Even though Klonopin is a moderate Half-Life benzo for some reason it hasn't been popping up in the mouth swabs from what I understand

  32. You would think. It def used to. I drink moderately on the daily now so I think she cried tolerance is happening. Plus I'm hitting those Adderall too which def mitigates the sedation. Instead it's just a beautiful speedball which is always been my favorite and seeing that I can't do heroin anymore thank God I'm on Suboxone I should save my life and I can't really do the cocaine anymore because I used to do it all Sherlock Holmes style and speedball the shit and it's just too rewarding and too destructive so I've been able to stay away from it and surprisingly my doctor is a reasonable man and he knows I am a what they call low bottom case so let's just say so he is met me in the middle and instead of prescribing me heroin and cocaine he prescribes me Adderall and Suboxone which definitely are more long-acting and less intense and less rewarding but they satisfy that part of me that's always been there the benzos are just superfluous and icing on the cake kind of a treat once a month I get maybe five or six just to kickback. I also realized that after talking with my mother she said after all these years it wasn't the using or the touring the country or moving to Europe or not finishing my masters it was the lying it was the not being able to look her in the eye and just be honest so now I'm just straight up honest and I just say exactly what I'm doing when someone asked me what I'm doing and you know what it feels great I never wanted to lie the only reason I lied is because they didn't want to hurt the people that I cared about and there was also a selfish part in there where I didn't want to get caught but I've explained to my family that I'm 40 years old I'm an educated man this is my life I don't know why I am this way but you know it could be worse I could be a pedophile or something or rapist or murderer so I just look at it like that we all have our vices and our demons and I don't really feel guilty about mine as long as I'm not hurting other people stay by myself at home I use responsibly and I enjoy myself has anyone heard the statement that there is an inverse correlation between intelligence and overall happiness so as intelligence goes up happiness tends to not be so tenacious it's a little more ephemeral which is why I've advocated for just a little bit of a lobotomy maybe that would just you know ignorance is bliss kind of thing it's the overthinking it's the constant reductionism it's the knowing that nobody knows any more than I do. I've heard Terrence McKenna say this amongst other people as he was discussing rising in Fame you know becoming more famous his circle of friends becoming more Elite and he said he thought it would get more and more revelatory like okay well these are the people that are doing this and this is the people that are running this he said the everything is there's nobody minding the store there is nobody minding the store and that's a it's a hard red pill to swallow I guess I should have took the blue one huh

  33. Yeah man I love altering my state of consciousness there's no question about that. But I'll tell you right now it is taken every thing worthwhile in my life it is taking every woman every gig my family my health my spiritual practice I almost said my sanity but I don't think I could lose something that I never had. I think everybody copes with the anxiety of being in this world in their own way some people work a lot some people sleep around some people take drugs I don't judge anybody I think everyone's just as scared as everyone else and the ones that say that they're not scared are the ones you got to watch out for I'm not annihilist I do believe we need to create our own meaning and purpose because I don't think that it is inherent in the world just look at all the suffering the pain the horror and we're all slowly just falling apart. So drugs and music and meditation help me cut through that illusion that there's a permanent self that actually is born and that does die I think we're all just a process flexing and flowing changing State. The thing is everybody knows that they don't know we all just do each other the social convenience of not admitting that fact because people would lose their shit some people need to know. There's a great Zen parable where the student says Master what is the highest teaching and the master says not knowing is the most intimate place and to me my whole life is about learning to be comfortable with not knowing. We all COPE in different ways so the next time somebody gives you a hard time or gets in your face just realize that's not anger anger is an outward expression of fear and once you see that you instantly can have compassion for that person and say it's all good this is just the way that you're dealing with it you know I'm going to go have a beer or I'm going to go play my instrument you might go beat somebody up I don't know or go to church and worship the sky Daddy these are all pacifiers because we're all still children I don't know is the hardest thing to accept I wrote this song a while back very somber very short but I'm going to record it and post it and I want to hear what any of you guys think very simple but I don't know just kind of spoke to me and I hope that you'll be gracious enough to pay me your time

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