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  1. I’ve learned recently that you’re supposed to analyze players by how their teams perform, rather than the individual himself.

  2. Snoozers like this are why Americans don’t watch soccer.

  3. The deodorant would also debilitate the referees to the point where they couldn’t call unsportsmanlike conduct, or anything for that matter. Plan seems pretty flawless to me.

  4. Dude, get ADs 5-11 record having ass up out of here. Idc how good he’s been. He plays for one of the worst teams in the league

  5. This is an MVP ladder, not team rankings. MVP is an individual award. AD has performed well this season, especially in LeBron’s absence. He’s averaging 26.4 pts/g on 62.7% TS and remains one of the more elite defenders in the league.

  6. This is the Most Valuable Player ladder. How much value are you really providing if your team still doesn’t win?


  8. Came here to say this. Bones effectively epitomizes slithery.

  9. I’ve noticed those also! Thought I was going crazy because I couldn’t ever remember seeing them before.

  10. I think it’s Barkley for both.

  11. It’s also worth mentioning that Barkley was effectively an equal scorer to Zion, and a better playmaker.

  12. To be fair, what else is there to do in Wisconsin?

  13. No. Offensive efficiency is higher than ever before, and as technology improves, careers will continue to get longer and longer. It’s hard to imagine now, but by the year 2060, it’ll probably be a lot more common for careers to reach 20+ seasons.

  14. Its more likely the seasons get shortened and players mpg drop a lot by 2060.

  15. I’ll concede the possibility that the season may eventually be shortened (which I think it should - 72 feels right), but I disagree that we’ll see a significant drop in MPG. The reason players don’t play 48 minutes anymore is because people started realizing that productivity couldn’t be maximized when players were conserving energy. Nowadays, we know that 32-36ish minutes is the sweet spot to maximize effectiveness. Playing your starters for fewer minutes than that would be leaving points on the table.

  16. Yes, but I’m confused as to what that means in the context of this discussion.

  17. Well you brought up EPM as the stat suggesting his individual impact. I don’t think the 53rd ranked EPM on a 7-10 seed team is impactful enough. If he had these numbers on a 2 seed team then its much easier to make the case.

  18. I wasn’t making the case that Brunson does or doesn’t deserve to be an All-Star, I was just critiquing the premises OC used to arrive at his conclusion.

  19. As a Kansan, I feel obliged to say they are absolutely essential to running a farm. Anyone who says they should be outlawed has no clue what they’re talking about

  20. I’m one of those anti-truck people, but I agree that it would be ridiculous to outlaw them, as there are plenty of legitimate reasons for truck ownership. Like someone else commented, my issue is with those who own trucks simply for the sake of having a truck.

  21. The problem with promotion/relegation is instances like the 2020 & 2021 Warriors. They went from being the worst team in the NBA to winning the title the following year due to their stars being injured. Had there been a relegation system in place, they would have been playing in a lower-level league instead of winning the NBA Finals.

  22. Left leaning people should buy guns for protection and form more friendships within their neighborhood. Solidarity against the right is critical right now.

  23. You’re 4.5x more likely to be shot in an altercation in which you have a gun.

  24. Yeah, ugh..WALES. The team that drew Belgium twice in their last two competitive matches against each other. Why can't we beat them easily???

  25. It’s fine to acknowledge that Wales is a good team, but at the same time, it is a game that the US probably should have won.

  26. Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Karl Malone, and Charles Barkley are the best answers in my opinion. If I’m picking one, I’ll take Nash, but only very slightly.

  27. Feels like it's just showing who plays on better teams for the most part

  28. Yeah, the win% should be shown relative to the team’s normal win%.

  29. I have a theory that ball heavy superstars don’t make you better. They stall the offense and don’t get other players involved. I wouldn’t generally put Lebron in that category, but it’s interesting that the Lakers play better without him.

  30. So you would agree with the statement that the Nuggets are better without Jokic?

  31. He’s the one that makes everyone else go. He’s the clear MVP and should be the model for how to play basketball.

  32. So would you agree that Jokic is a system player who needs certain archetypes around him to succeed?

  33. From Tampa and currently living in Ft Myers: Miller’s.

  34. DPM, LEBRON, and EPM have pretty positive predictive properties.

  35. 2022 Giannis vs. 2020 Anthony Davis defensive comparison,

  36. 2018 Anthony Davis vs. 2020 Anthony Davis vs. 2020 Giannis vs. 2022 Giannis defensive comparison,

  37. Asking genuinely: How does one sprain a toe?

  38. By “upstart team” do you mean the defending champs?

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