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  1. I mean they enjoyed the revenge and banging to a point, but yeah whatever them dirty outsiders don't understand/s

  2. Its very dry here. Find a chapstick or some lip ointment you like. Also, resist the urge to lick your lips. It makes it worse.

  3. i hate that the truck season is so front loaded, makes the middle of the season feel empty

  4. Love me some IndyCar/trucks doubleheaders

  5. Looks at the rest of Jenson's schedule, oh no

  6. I like Suarez.. But if you ever hear him talk about himself, you quickly realize he might have one of the biggest egos in the field.

  7. Yeah he does lmao but they all do too and you have to if you wanna be a professional at the highest forms of anything

  8. I love how the pre race is so positive and then the race thread is just yeah


  10. I think fox added their logo to his videos for the people that stole them lmao

  11. the Jeb Burton incident - per Jordan Anderson Racing, Burton got dumped by Brandon Jones in the last turn and spun into the inside wall.

  12. I think that's two years in a row Jones dumped someone on the final turn here

  13. Damn I needed whatever Mayer had in that photo

  14. Somewhere Mark Martin is saying "See, I told you!"

  15. Zane literally burnt it down and Harvick continues his war against crappy ass parts God I love NASCAR!

  16. What happened to Rajah Caruth, wasn’t he 6th?

  17. Its like ever since they went to this graphic package last year the amount of errors and goofs have increased

  18. The fastest time in group A wouldn't make Group B mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  19. I sense there might be some politicking done to get rid of that rule

  20. Gunther will be in the booth for qualy woot woot

  21. Damn even the supply chain is affecting the appeals hearings/s

  22. Anyone else just kinda feeling meh about the first few races of the year?

  23. It happens, I feel it's more prominent now since it's the start of the season rather than the usual slog during the summer

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