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  1. you should send an email to your professor to let them know. i teach and if my students had to do this shit because of the dumbass program the university forces on me i would distribute grades manually through email. they might not know cause we dont generally know how the client looks from the student perspective.

  2. There's some screenshots I'd like to share from the husband's Fb. Since we know their names, can I post? I don't want to break rules but figure since their names are public, it's OK?

  3. other posts did have the parents' name already, and otherwise you can always censor the names

  4. that's just being a human, nothing to do with adhd

  5. If I don't eat breakfast my ritalin stops working after like 2-3h and I'll be able to eat the rest of the day, it'll be peanutbutter straight from the jar or some other executive dysfunction food, but it'll be food.

  6. problem is that that requires having usable kitchen space and mine is never usable due to all the mess

  7. Soviet-style housing blocs. Please. They’re so cool looking and so functional.

  8. hmmm i dont know, there are a lot of societal problems in these modernist high rise buildings, that were pushed all over europe in the 1950s and 1960s across very different sorts of countries, so it's not just the political variables of a single country.

  9. this will probably differ enormously per country though.

  10. there are a ton of requirements to speak dutch but they dont actually do it. maybe they should prioritize that first.

  11. Yes, but I got savagely yelled at in French by a clerk at the Service d'étrangers in Ixelles for trying to speak to him in Dutch, which he refused to speak to me even though it IS an official language of this commune, city, and province - and then I heard him cheerfully speaking English to someone else in line.

  12. oh yeah i've had bad experiences there too. including clerks filling in my very important paperwork wrong cause the forms were in dutch but they didn't understand what they were actually supposed to write.

  13. Plastic if you can actually close it off airtight cause i paint with gouache.

  14. I don't know if it works, but I create pins in my account, for example, I upload one of my drawings, and I link it to my instagram or redbubble accounts. That way, I guess if someone finds my image in a search, the description guides them to my accounts where they can see more of my work or buy from my online store. But I really don't know if it works 😅

  15. I search for a lot of inspiration pics on Pinterest cause the insta search algorithm sucks, so I find a lot of artists on other social media or on art websites through Pinterest. So for me that would work !

  16. Cartoons are a whole different thing cause it's 50% story 50% art

  17. A world existed before proko and drawbox. Books were once a thing and art schools. You have to learn about things eventually, there’s just different ways then what’s popular on Reddit.

  18. Most great artists from history did have an art education indeed. Of course there are many genius exceptions and not everyone was academy trained but by far the largest share was in training somewhere or worked under someone learning the trade

  19. I’d have a hard time calling lawyers a doctor. I’m still cool with the self deprecating “I’m a doctor, but not the kind that helps you”

  20. I had an ex who got arrested for taking minors across state lines (for you can guess what purposes) and sending/receiving sexually explicit material online across state lines, and the department of homeland security was involved in the investigation. I'm guessing something similar is going on in OP's vicinity.

  21. why would they ask for internet passwords though?

  22. i hate every argument with "x is the last acceptable group to hate on" cause they always ignore the ongoing hate to big and wellknown minorities groups (PoC/women/LGBT etc) and claim it doesn't exist which is *ist as shit, and they are also completely blind to the discrimination against minority groups that is less mainstream to discuss (e.g. unhoused, disability, ageism, travelers, etc etc etc) that are not talked about as much, it's so offensive.

  23. a lego troll is at least a nice break from the autism/MIL/fat people/parents/step parents/inheritance/queer people trolls

  24. yes if your lease with a very low rent will end in january i also decide to prematurely move out in october after 3 days with my children and live in a homeless shelter???

  25. Fr. My brother just got diagnosed with epilepsy and he’s not allowed to drive until he’s had absolutely no seizures for 3 months. In some places it can be up to 6 months. The same goes for any type of episode that makes you unaware, not not seizures.

  26. in many places you're literally not allowed to have a license ever with epilepsy or autism

  27. This, I was thinking work is stressful all year for some

  28. nah chronic illness is only something for pretty young white girls.

  29. this doesn't make sense. aren't the flares illness increases themselves? but here they are presented as a cause, which is circular logic. unless she's saying the flares happen because the illnesses get worse but there is no cause given for why the illnesses get worse.

  30. I'll say it again. People who are actually on the spectrum don't use the word stim to describe their reaction to something. To them, it's just a normal emotional response to something that pleases them. "I'm stimming to music," no, they say, "Listening to music makes me happy". People with autism don't want to tell the world they have autism. They just want to fit in like we all do. I know because I have Asperger's. I understand the feeling.

  31. i don't want to be "real autism" vs "not autism" as i can only speak for myself, but i wouldnt have a clue about which activities i do are stimming. i just do something over and over sort of automatically, because it feels comfortable/wrong if i don't. i can only categorize it as st imming later if people point it out that that's not normal or something. but still feels weird to call it stimming. it feels like it's pathologizing my behaviour that feels normal to me. i don't like it.

  32. I just don't understand why they don't understsnd it means repeated physical movements or activities, not sensory seeking behavior or anything else.

  33. and sensory seeking behaviour can be (dependent on the circumstances) a characteristic of autism even. (like seeking out food with a particular texture). but that doesn't mean it's stimming

  34. it clearly is. dogs and overbearing parents are 2 of reddit's favourite discussion points

  35. Z--- says:

    I'm in my fifties. Male. I work from home so I (happily) do all the cooking and cleaning and laundry. I broke a wine glass in the dishwasher about 2 or maybe 3 years ago. That's it. He's either got a disability or he's doing it on purpose.

  36. Three years in and admittedly I am an awful klutz. We’ve lived together for one year and I’ve broken one mug, one plate, and accidentally washed a wool hat that shrunk in the machine. And my boyfriend calls me “chaos walking” lol!

  37. counterpoint: i break a glass at least once a week. so do all of my sisters and my mom.

  38. From context I'm guessing home birth after 2 caesareans??

  39. ah thank you, that's so hyper specific, haha. appreciate it!

  40. Bro they could literally change it to Melony or something he wouldn't notice lmao

  41. this sub has a serious sexism problem. no one is ever gonna take the message seriously like that, cut it out. especially the "women like to get fucked by pitbulls/pitbulls turn them on" incel crap

  42. yep exactly. if i ever die from a known danger i hereby give everyone permission to talk about that danger the moment my heart stops beating. thanks.

  43. so stupid how they always require yards. like, a yard is not enough to exercise any mid or large sized breed. they need walks and runs anyway. it's such classism.

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