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  1. I swear to god buckees is going to be the last bastion in the coming apocalypse. For anyone that hasn't seen one, they are fucking MASSIVE, board line industrial gas stations with usually more than one gas front/area. Like people don't walk from the pump to the door kinda places.

  2. Tbh I don't even mind if it means getting that sweet OT.

  3. Lol what does this even mean thou, like in real terms? What do they hope this will accomplish?

  4. How tf zoomers gonna move out when millennials can barely find affordable living situations??? Fuck that keep your shitty kids home I'm trying to actually get an apartment out here!

  5. There is republican party left, just a bunch of suckers still hanging around waiting for something to happen. The only things that remains of the gop are rich assholes and literal death cultists.

  6. Welcome to bama country bois. The only thing more important than god is college football.

  7. Parents who say "I raised my kids, pay all the bills and put a roof over their heads". Dude, that's what you're supposed to do! People who say stuff like that are typically the ones who are not good parents. They may fulfill their child's basic requirements, but they're terrible in other areas like caring for their child's emotional needs, being a good listener, supporting them in extracurricular activities, being a positive role model, etc.

  8. "you're supposed to put a roof over your head" *Millennials looking at the housing market: "we are?"

  9. Working so hard, it gets in the way of their personal life and wellbeing.

  10. If you're salaried yeah I get it, but I'm hourly and get phat overtime checks. I'm not sacrificing myself for the company, I'm sacrificing for that sweet time-and-a-half.

  11. Escaped is a strong word here... The thing literally hit and ran.

  12. Think again! Quitting is a great option, take 3 weeks, find a new gig.

  13. Literally about to do this. Servsafe with years of kitchen experience. Ill be fine lmao

  14. Trevor Moore, comic genius dead at 41 from a random freak accident, def way too soon and would have kept having great material as society really spiralled out of control

  15. Had to scroll too far for this. Literally at the height of his comeback with a new movie and more projects in tow, not to mention his very young child...

  16. When you live in a society on the cusp of overpopulation its a moot point, but based solely on biology women are more valuable than men. If you have two islands, one with 49 men and one woman vs an island with 49 women and one man, the latter is gonna survive for much longer, albeit with little genetic diversity lol

  17. Just in time for everyone to enjoy the original avatar before the sequel comes out! :D

  18. LOL overtime is not elective, it's automatic. If they don't pay they are breaking labor laws.

  19. It's not too many hours, it's totally random hours that monopolize 84 hours a week while only paying 20 hours.

  20. If he works the hours he gets paid. What do you mean only paid 20 hours? If they aren't paying him for hours that's a different form of illegality. Also it's not entirely random, they didn't give him any close/opens and they kept certain days consistent.

  21. Depends on the game. I’d say Gwent and Runeterra are pretty generous. Even Master Duel isn’t terrible as long as you aren’t expecting to own every card.

  22. Saying runeterra is generous is like saying water is wet. It's the single most competitively accessable card game yet, digitally or otherwise.

  23. Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.

  24. Listen bud I'm not here for semantics, I'm here to shill runeterra. I appreciate the dad joke thou.

  25. A lot of girls don't actually believe in astrology per say, but we find it fun as a concept. Like I don't believe that the month someone was born in defines their personality, but I still like reading horoscopes cause it's fun.

  26. Came here for this. Humoring something doesn't mean you believe it's true.

  27. I'm going to skip all of them but I'm still going to play SNAP because BRODEEE

  28. But isn't it supposed to be whoever had the highest location wins if there's a tie in one location? That's how i always thought how it worked

  29. Man's literally asking for clarification and explaining what he'd previously thought and gets downvoted. Y'all alright out here? Seems like a real bitter crowd.

  30. The late 2010s was definitely the golden age of board games. COVID and bad kickstarters ruined that thou.

  31. Snap looks fun. I intend to play it for the mechanics alone. I want to try Brodes horrifying Gwent/Artifact/Blackjack cardgame-centipede creation myself. I'm not too worried about being good or competitive at it. That's what I have runeterra for. Snap is going to be a nice distraction, and I'm looking forward to it. The economy could be even worse than they are saying and I wouldn't care. At the end of the day, it's still a marvel game, and I fucking hate marvel. But I like Gwent and artifact and blackjack and brode so fuck me I guess; my body is ready for them Ls.

  32. You will mostly likely not being playing against beta players when the game launches. You will be playing largely against other starting players and bots...

  33. I'm don't think that's accurate. I have seem beta players unable to get above rank 30

  34. Then they probably aren't great and the field will even out.

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